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Super Lemon Haze & Chernobyl indoor grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journal Discussion' started by Downhomedude, Jan 26, 2017.


    Downhomedude Member

    Last edited: Jan 26, 2017

    r.i.kid Well-Known Member

    my lemon haze 20170124_031453.jpg
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    Downhomedude Member

    Update added. Anyone do any pruning this early? If so, which leaves?>

    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    leave the leaves alone.. topping is ok but don't pull a bunch of leaves off.. if you're flowering now deffinatly leave them alone.. think of it as pulling the lungs off your plants .. it's ok to remove dead or dieing leaves but not healthy leaves.. It causes unnesseceray stress to your plant .. the only time to go crazy removing leaves is like in a sea of green set up or if your really limited on space.. imo.
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