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Super Cropping

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by genfranco, Dec 3, 2008.


    genfranco Well-Known Member

    Hello all,

    Im sure that some of you have wondered why would anyone do such a thing to a plant as supercropping..

    what is?

    Suppercropping is done to marijuana plants in order to produce the macimum amount of "tops" on a plant. side buds that would normally grow up the stock will now grow up and turn into its own top.

    There are tons of pictures on the subject mostly in books...

    So i figured i would post some of mine.

    Here are some pics i just took showing the results.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As you can see this is a very effective way to get additional tops if you cannot plant SOG style with 40 plants.... this limits the number of plants needed to cover your grow area and provides great results.

    In my case i do it due to the laws ristricting me to 6 plants. I will soon be doing this to all my plants about a week before i flower.

    Ill update this thread with budding results.

    Good luck all


    kaste Active Member

    Looks great waiting 4 the results
    PeaceUp! :peace:
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    genfranco Well-Known Member

    sorry wrong thread to post pics of my buds... lol...

    kaste Active Member

    How to supercrop?

    genfranco Well-Known Member

    I guess i should have posted how to do it..

    first your gonna decide how far down you want the bend at...

    when you have chosen where the plant will get bent at then do the following:

    Pinch slowly until you notice you weakend it... turn fingers and pinch again.
    *note: DOnt pinch soo much that your fingers touch.. meaning dont squish it flat... there is a tube inside the stem that you donot want to mess up. So pinch soft... pinch and try to bend...if it doesnt want to bend easily...pinch alittle harder and do it again... once you waekend it enough you can put a weight of some soart at the end...or tie it down... becuase these plants will recoop and bend that shit back.... after a week or so the bend will be set and strong and wont need the weights anymore... (although i leave them on there for far longer....

    good luck man.

    titanium3g Well-Known Member

    I love super cropping, it makes the stems of the plant very sturdy and thick. I have an Arjans Ultra haze plant that is barely 2 feet tall, but it is roughly 5 months old now. This plant has so many heads and it looks like a bonsai tree, she is now flowering.:joint::bigjoint:bongsmilie:weed::joint:

    She's in her first week of flower, I haven't counted the heads.

    Shes a sturdy girl!
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    TOKEMASTERFLEX Well-Known Member

    what about doin this with some monster sized girls.....in dwc ive been thinkin about tryin this out myself maybe ill do it to one of my girls....i veg for 5-7 weeks so what you guys think

    titanium3g Well-Known Member

    You should give it a try, it spreads out the canopy while you veg them. Doesnt matter how many different strains your working with or their age, you can supercrop and end up with an even canopy and very sturdy plants that will support the bud they make. I've personally seen the same strains I am using grown with out super cropping, and mid way through flower the branches couldnt support the buds.

    Ghost420 Well-Known Member

    i still dont get it where are we pinching?

    how is this any different from lst or sog

    titanium3g Well-Known Member

    There is no certain place you need to pinch, just pinch then bend.

    genfranco Well-Known Member

    What?... Different than SOG?... its totally diferent than SOG... im thinking you made a mistake asking about this one...SOG is growing a shit load of small plants.... This is growing 1 plant into being like a shit load of small plants... if your legal to grow 6 plants.... this is way better than SOG

    different that lst... well its diferent in the sense that you donot have to keep tying and moving the tie and all that shit...

    Dmafioso180 Active Member

    I'm a new grower but have great success with this tecnique. It's really simple. You can find videos on YouTube explaining what to do if you can't imagine it. When I first did it my friend was pissed cue he thought I broke the mofucka but by the next day the ends of the bent branches started to curve upwards and eventually the bends turned into "knots" and healed itself making the branch even stronger and the buds on the end larger due to natural flow of hormones and the added available light. Give it a try. Go snap some branch LOL u can't really mess up if u are gentle.

    TheRuiner Well-Known Member

    This is exactly what I am going to do. I would be thrilled if I could get my plants to look like these. While only growing 1 or 2 plants at a time and trying to keep them from getting to tall this method would help tremendously! Wish me luck :) :weed:

    TheRuiner Well-Known Member

    What strains are you guys growing? Just out of curiosity...

    genfranco Well-Known Member

    Sorry it took so long for response... Hashberry and blueberry sour flowering...hashberry and greencrack Vegging. Check out the grow through my sig bud.

    thiCbuds Active Member

    How tall or far along in the Veg state do you start super cropping? I'm about 3 weeks in Veg and they are 6" or so currently. Didn't want to start too early or late, but can't wait to experiment!

    genfranco Well-Known Member

    some people wait till they are about to flower... I would like to give them a little time to re-coop plus the longer you let them side shoots grow up the bigger they will flower into.. ya dig?

    bdonson Well-Known Member

    Can you use this technique to control height for example in some of the tall growing sativa's?

    genfranco Well-Known Member

    of course you can.... think of it this way... the bent trunk will act as the soil line.... the new growth will be like new plants..... So do it right before flowering and those sativas shouldnt get tooo tall.
    Green Leaf 171

    Green Leaf 171 Active Member

    Sounds good to me as long as i'm not too high and dont' break the plant totally in half.

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