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    ShadowMouseKiller Active Member

    A couple days ago, I was pricing on Amazon, scouting the nutes for Subcool's Super Soil mix. I found this organic mix that claims to be just like Sub's mix (just add water). Has anyone used this stuff before? I know the Super Soil mix is a winner, but the initial buying of everything is a bitch!!! Would it be comparable to buy the Super Coco for 40 bucks for a cubic foot and a half?

    Here's the link for the link for that mix. If it doesn't work just type in TGA super soil on

    Check this out on AMZN: 1.5 cu. ft. Potting Soil- Heavily Amended Super Soil With Organic Nutrients -Super Coco

    GOD HERE Well-Known Member

    $42? Sound like a fuckin rip off to me.

    ShadowMouseKiller Active Member

    But if it does like it says, wouldn't it be worth it? I only have to buy nutrients every couple of months, but I know it's gonna cost a lot more and way more beneficial to go the Super Soil way.

    Shawns Active Member

    Why not buy the TGA Super Soil

    ShadowMouseKiller Active Member

    There's bagged TGA soil?

    TrichomeBob New Member

    Yep, check, u can get base soil and super sol though its only sold In some places at the mo, check the map on the site.
    they also sell charge paks for 100 bucks delivered, this just needs to be mixed with base soil and EWC too, this can be delivered to most states.

    ShadowMouseKiller Active Member

    That's not a bad deal. But I live in one of those states that they don't deliver to. Which sucks :(

    stondded Active Member

    I was in the same situation as u at one point and I'm glad I took the route of buying the micros and mixing the soil. I can't imagine the tga bagged soil is more than forty for a 1.5 CFT bag first second wht could me be more fulfill I g than mixing up your own soil and having turn out just as good as subs. Even though there is a bagged version of super soil, mixing it up on your own ( whether you use subs exact recipe or slightly change it) it will b cheaper in the long run cuz u can get multiple batches of soil out of the minimum amounts that you are allowed to buy. I spent $80 on supplements to add to the soil and bought $10 of worm castings(about 15lbs) and $30 worth of roots original (3cft) and 45 days later I was using that soil and easily have three runs in 5 gallons pots with it ( 5 plants per run). I just think that anyone that says its as good as super soil or as easy is just trying to play a gimmick and take your money, they wouldn't refer to super soil at all if it was better. They would want their own name.

    ShadowMouseKiller Active Member

    That's a really good point. In the last 12 hours, I've actually thrown away the idea of turning to the Super Coco bagged mix. I was looking on eBay and found a lot of people are selling everything you need for the Super Soil mix, minus the 25 lbs. worm castings and soil. Minus the delivery fees and other bullshit expenses that will come up, it's gonna be wayyyyy cheaper for me to go this route.

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    stondded Active Member

    Obviously the bagged mix is gunna be epic but making it yourself makes u feel good when u end up with the dankest u have grown ever, and trying to rely on something tht is that is just playing on a name is asinine. Especially after wht tags said. SMK I'm glad ur gunna make the best choice prolly possible and make it yourself. (Add some oyster shell while your at it. So I have been told from a tga birdie)

    ShadowMouseKiller Active Member

    Yeah I can't wait to get the funds so I can do the Super Soil mix. Once I harvest my mother Third Dimension plant, I should have plenty of money to get everything together. Then it's off to the races for sure!!!

    JudoJefferson Member

    I have to admit, that Super Coco looks interesting considering I don't have to wait for my mix to cook, so I'll look into it in the future.

    Vegan mixes are fun but bagged super soil of any kind is something I can jump onto whether it's TGA or Super Coco, the idea of a mix at a reasonable price with no cooking and only water sounds great and easier when I don't have time to let a mix ready.

    Since this is a Super Coco thread and not a Super Soil thread, I have to say that his Super Coco looks interesting...very a good way lol :). Might be worth running to see what it's like.
    Sticky Lungs

    Sticky Lungs Member

    Super Coco does exactly what it claims to do. Its a better mix, based on soil tilth and nutrients included, than "Subcool's" super soil. Sure, Sub's product is nice. But this one is better.
    Try a bag of it. It feeds for the full 3 months, seed to flower. Nice fades, but not because there are no nutrients in it.

    ShadowMouseKiller Active Member

    So have you used this Super Coco? I've seen results of Sub's Super Soil and the results are excellent. Until more growers are actively using the new stuff, I don't really feel comfortable paying 40 bucks a bag for a 1.5 cubic feet.
    Sticky Lungs

    Sticky Lungs Member

    I have used this Super Coco. I have used it for 3 grow rotations. and each one of them was phenomenal.
    it's your dollar, bro. Do what you want with it. I'm just saying in my expert experience, I totally am on board with Super Coco and will not be using any other pre-bagged medium.

    VikingOrganics89 New Member

    MAKE YOUR OWN!!! Way cheaper and you can customize it. For 2 years I tried to find and eazyer way because I never had space but this winter I moved into a house and made it myself and now I'm never looking back at those bagged soil mix" by the way they say only add water but mine allayed gases out 3 weeks before they should of" anyway if you look around you can find ALL the products in bulk and it may seem like a lot up front but trust me it pays for is self after 2-3 crops.
    Check out the ROLS no till thread best thing I ever found was that thread and read read read. Full of great info. And you'll learn you don't have to throw your mix away after the cycle!"$$$$$" $aver big time. Ps I only used roots once and found it to be to much buck for not enough bang IMO
    Happy growing!

    Hudsonvalley82 Well-Known Member

    TGA Charge Packs, Natural and Organic Soil, and Super Soil

    Shipping from NY so better rates on shipping than the West, and they give quantity discounts.
    You can also get better shipping rates if you call them. Contact info: - they have really cheap fabric pots that are actually worth a shit too.

    indica4sativa Member

    yea super coco is definitely the shit

    m4s73r Active Member

    Ok so heres my question. Lets say i buy enough SCoco to fill 16-20 3 gallon smartpots. I have a 8 plant perpetual grow. So after a full cycle i have 8 root balls after the harvest. I let them dry a bit throw them all in a bin, chop them up wet them down and let them cook for a month. Can i reuse it again? Will I need to ammend it? If so with what?

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