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sugar water vs. molasses

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by faralos, Feb 14, 2008.


    faralos Well-Known Member

    I am into my 8th day of flowering. I have been noticing people referring to molasses use during flowering stage. why molasses? why not just sugar or corn syrup? and at what ratio and should I start yet, or wait? I'm still 'weeding' out males. not all have shown sex yet.

    SunnyD Well-Known Member

    honestly its all personal preference to use it.....I dont think it makes much of a difference if u use it or not....there is a post on here somewhere where someone did 2 plants and had one with molasses and the other without. They concluded that there was no significant difference.

    Blueberry2008 Well-Known Member

    were you not planning on using any super bloom or anything like that man?? seriously your betting off using bat guano if you want organic..

    faralos Well-Known Member

    I have absolutely no money. I've been out of work for too long. my lites are 4 foot flouros I snitched off my basement ceiling. I use what i can they are actually cool blue so I'll see how they'll flower with them also. I'm into 8th day of flowering. so,no, no super bloom or anything like that. It really is a gorilla setup. see? so I'll keep posting w/ pics on any weird happenings flowering under flouros (10,000 lumens) in an unheated basement with a dehumidifiers exhaust heating the room (to a balmy 75 deg. f) and a box fasn blowing said exhaust across the plants. I havwe a gorilla co2 setup (sugar, yeast, juice) makes wine too!:mrgreen: so it really is crude...but I am dedicated from here it'll get better... kind of has to

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    Blueberry2008 Well-Known Member

    I hear ya man thats the way I did this first grow of some blueberry.. Man it turnd out to be wicked smoke!! Stick to the basics then and I would use a little bit of molasses if thats what you wanna do. I add 2 tablespoons to 1 gallon as per HT and it burnd out my plants and i had to flush them out..

    Thebot Well-Known Member

    Ive used molasses for a while, it can make airy buds more dense and makes the flavor of the smoke sweeter. you can use 1-2 tablespoons per gallon. i always stay a little over one because i mix it in with my flowering nutes.
    people have used this for decades on all types of plants to yield sweeter fruit. it gives the plant sugars that it needs for flowering growth.

    dertmagert Well-Known Member

    im pretty sure your supposed to use molases in the final stages of flowering

    closet.cult New Member

    you dont have to add it, but the plant will uptake the sugar in the ground and it can improve taste and the swell of the buds. aroma also. i grow organically in soil with mycorhizal fungi. the soil is actually alive and molasses feeds the bacteria which in turn provides nurients to the plant in an efficient manner.

    so its benifitial, but not necessary.

    natural, unsulfered molasses is said to be more easily broken down by the plant and bacteria than any kind of sugar. although, in theory, either can be used.
    Heavy Smoker

    Heavy Smoker Active Member

    That was your first mistake bro

    meandmyplants Member

    ok i used molasses and it was working great but i didnt use it all and was going to use it again in my next watering. I didnt refridge it tho and i am paying the price i poured it on 1 of my plants and am now watching it burn up..so if you are gonna use it ...remember to refridge it...or it spoils and becomes alcohol!!!

    somebody041 Well-Known Member

    molasses is a good source of P, calcium, magnesium, iron and other trace minerals. it also chelates ingredients and feeds the microherd (if you've got one). the carbs in it help buds swell in mid-late flowering

    masterd Well-Known Member

    if the point of the post is can you use sugar in place of molasses, the simply answer is no, it wont do the same thing, stick with molasses, i just tried glucose(veg stage) and they went off

    stonerbean Well-Known Member

    hmmm very weird. never encountered that before and ive also never refridgerated it... :S not cool either way...

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