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Successful guerrilla grows?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by doubletake, Oct 17, 2012.


    doubletake Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone it's that time of year I just wanted to
    to see if there's some people that had success this year
    i harvest 9 clones that I put outdoor like the week b4 August 1 st
    and had better results than I expected they got bigger they
    really had a good stretch when they started flower
    well anyways I have a couple spots scouted for next years grow
    i want to use this crevice in this mountain/big hill cause there's a lot of growth and facing sSouthfield want to scatter 30 in the crevice late may just to get some good 4 or 5 footers
    but put like 5 here 5 here 5 5 5. And 5 and at the bottom of the crevice dig a hole and tarp
    The bottom to catch water also bring in two trash cans and burry them so I can haul like a extra
    40 gallons of r.o water for emergencys any input or inspiration? Or is this just most Lilly a waste
    of a lot of hard work thanks for any thoughts I've been thinking about it a lot latly

    Jeffdogg Well-Known Member

    And the cops wont see this by helicopter because? The way you explain it sounds more complicated then it should be mate. We could give ideas all day long but that doesnt mean the ideas and thoughts are gonna work out for that area and environment. Your best bet is to do a lot of reading and video watching then with your knowledge you have gained assess your current situation and growing environment and use your best judgement. As i said before n other threads, you can 2 ppl the same exact things to grow (soil,nutes, genetics etc) and the outcome will always be different. the main factor is the knowledge you you intake and apply to your grow. Learn techniques to get the best harvest, research little things that can make a big difference at the end of your grow season.

    doubletake Well-Known Member

    I've done a lot of research and have grown multiple times in and out so it's not the growing part exactly that I need help with it's the setting up far away from where I live also has anyone ever stayed out with there plants like the last 2 weeks basicly set up camp out with them

    OddBall1st Well-Known Member

    It`s not so much the choppers as it is the dogs !! Around my way, they turn the dogs loose into the woods or fields, they are far more accurate and effective than choppers. They`re trained to dig up or return with the law. If you`re camped out there, the dogs will find you and the law will connect you to it !! You can`t stop the dogs durring flower, so they get released evey fall. Sometimes they`ll set up survalance to catch you if your grow is big enough or they want you. Most agencies would rather just have the dogs dig it up. You`re not worth the other efforts to them depending !!

    OddBall1st Well-Known Member

    To the law,..a happy dog did it`s job !!

    doubletake Well-Known Member

    Yea It's a pretty steep crevice inland of San Diego I don't think the choppers would be able to see 30 scattered plants and I don't think 30 is enough to get there attention maney a couple plots of 50 haha but thanks for the heads up on the dogs that would suck if one of them got you it would be a while b4 the cops stop it hahaha

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