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stuff i use to grow

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by KushDog, Dec 15, 2011.


    KushDog Active Member

    I mix up my own soil mix for my plants.
    EPSOMA:Blood meal
    Bone Meal
    cotton seed meal
    garden lime
    Green sand
    garden gypson ( i've heard good and bad abot this)
    triple phohphate
    Plant tone

    Mexican bat guano
    indonesan bat guano
    Jamacin bat guano
    peruvenin seabird guano I mix it into my soil, and I make teas.
    for veg
    2/3 cup high N guano (mexican)
    2/3 cup sea bird guano
    2/3 cup worm castings
    5 teaspoons of mollasas
    5 teaspoons Liquid Karma
    5 gallons of water and a air bubbler,
    brew it for 2 daysfor flower just replace the high "N" guano with a High "P" guano (jamacin or indonsan)

    Black gold worm casting
    wiggle worm castings
    Earthbound soil enhancer worm casting

    maxicrop sea kelp
    bontnacare Liquid Karma.
    Grandma's Molassas

    I also have all 9 Fox farm nutes that i use very sparingly.
    i put a "o" for organic
    Grow big
    big bloom "o'
    tiger bloom
    open sesame
    beasty bloom
    Cha ching
    micro brew "o"
    kanga roots "o'
    sleage hammer flush "o"

    soil is Pro-mix Bx
    mirical grow organic chocie garden soil
    happy frog
    garden magic potting soil

    I grow 1 plant per 10 gallon tote

    When i feed/water my plants i use a Spray bottle to mist the soil (i think it oxogenates the water) I spray every day lightly to keep the top layer of soil mosit, than every 3 days i wet them right down

    I use a 600mh and acouple small hps's for VEGand i use a 600 HPS with 6400k cfl's for dual spetrum.

    I am growing using a Scrog, but now my newer plants i am growing bushes, (fim and fim again)

    A light mover is a really good thing to have (i bult one but it can't move my new RAPTOR Look alike refletor.

    day time temps are 75 and night time is 60.

    I use water jugs with suger water and yeast to create Co2. i have 5 1 gallon jugs in each room VEG & Flower.

    I keep my humidaty at 40% ( some say thats to low but i dont like mold)
    I have consten ventaltion.

    I dont know if this will help anyone but it won't hurt
    Lemon from yemen

    Lemon from yemen Member

    Can the plants use the gypsum or is it a clay breaker?

    KushDog Active Member

    I dont know, but it has
    calcium sulfate (CaSO4) 68%
    calcium sulfate dihydrate 86%
    Calcium 20%
    sulfur 16%
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    Monkeymonk840 Active Member

    That's about my soil recipe

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    oh yeah , you got a nice list , Kush Dog ! you know what you re doing ! hope another newbie can learn from yours...+rep for ya, buddy.


    KushDog Active Member

    I left out a few things, because
    I also buy PRE MIXED super soil ingrdanits off ebay, it has every thing except Soil and worm castings

    Blood Meal 12-0-0
    Bat Guano 0-12-1
    Steamed Bone Meal 3-15-0
    PotAsh 0-0-30
    Epsom Salt -Magnesium Sulphate
    Dolomite-49% Calcium Carbonate 36% Magnesium Carbonate
    Powdered Humic Acid
    Azomite (70+Trace Elements)

    I still need to buy bags of : Humic Acid, epson salts, Azomite, & Mycorrhizal (promix Bx and happy frog have Mycorrhizal in them)

    So i mix up my own super soil mix (seach supcool super soil) , I use more of some stuff and less of others.
    than 1 month into VEG i start feeding them with Guano/worm teas. I mix in some fox farm stuff to my Tea's BUT ONLY AFTER IT IS BREWED, and right before i apply it to my plants.

    Than in FLOWER I make a high "p" tea and feed them when i swicth to 12/12 and week 3-5 depending on strain. I grow mostly 10-11week strains. so if you have a faster strain like a 6 week strain i would not feed the tea past week 3.

    and 2-3 weeks before harvest I flush with fresh water intill it starts draining out the bottom (my whole grow from clone to 2-3 weeks before harvet, I dont let any water drain out the bottom. But if you use lots of cemical ferts you should let it drain out the bottom more often to rinse salts out.

    I also use/used fox farm ocean forest soil, i have been buying happy frog (for the sole reason of Ocean forest is 1.5cu & happy frog is 2 cu, for the SAME price.

    I used to mix ocen forest and happy frog bag for bag, but now i just use the happy frog (Only because of you get 25% more happy frog)

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