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Strongest Strain On Earth!!! Euphoria Unlimited from BC SEEDS

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Inkslinger118, Feb 23, 2009.


    puntacometa Well-Known Member

    I agree with this. I am growing their Euphoria Unlimited, Korean Skunk, Mt. Everest Skunk, Jedi 41, Indica-50, Oracle, Hawaiian Snow, Da Purps Fast Sweet Dreams, Pineapple, Galaxy God and AK47. All of them finish well, and in the case of Oracle and Fast Sweet Dreams, really quickly. My Oracle finished in 40 days from the start of flowering. I can't testify that they are "the best" genetics out there, but they all grew well, very healthy with no propensities to be mildew or mite magnets and they are are top shelf products. Whether they are too expensive or not.......well....this is a choice. No one forces anyone to buy them so it's a completely subjective situation. If you don't want to grow these strains, grow something else....oh yeah, and something else.......they are not a ripoff site. I received everything I paid for and much more. They throw in quite a few freebies. If you order from them and they throw in the Hawaiian Snow as a freebie, consider yourself very lucky. This stuff is amazing and worth buying in it's own right.
    Sure Shot

    Sure Shot Well-Known Member

    There's one born every minute.kiss-ass

    And at those prices, it only take 1! :lol:

    rzza Well-Known Member

    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    Um, yes they are, they admited it in their disclaimer :) Taht is like paying for organic free range chicken and being given a battery farmed chicken and told it's organic :D

    oJUICEBOXo Active Member

    I haven't heard anything about Doggies Nuts. I was looking for Armageddon seeds for my current grow on Attitude and they were sold by 2 companies....Doggies Nuts for $735 or Homegrown Fantaseeds for $75. I went with the $75 pack lol. Anyone have experience with Doggies Nuts?
    What could a company do to a seed to make it $640 more a pack than it's competitor?

    puntacometa Well-Known Member

    Have you ever ordered from them or grown their seeds?

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    Sure Shot

    Sure Shot Well-Known Member


    Have you ever made your own seeds?:lol:
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    When a website selling proprietry seeds, states in it's disclaimer, that THC numbers and flowering times are all made up and are purely for entertainment purposes, no, i don't order from them LMOA.

    stelthy Well-Known Member

    Is any one famillier with WWW.DRCHRONIC.COM and Oh-Yeah? Is this a trusted seed bank and how good is it as far as cost goes ? - STELTHY

    Couchland Well-Known Member

    BCSeeds...........Scam, scam, scam. How obvious does it have to be?

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    i bought bubba kush from them a while back out of ten seeds zero germed thats right zero

    thay gave me 10 train wreck x northern lights for freebys i have not tried them yet but i xpect about the same from them

    they took the whole summer off for vacation must have ripped a lot of people off

    as far as im concerned those rip of scum bags can suck diarrea shit from my ass hole

    if they were drowning id throw them a cender block for a life savor

    im out

    cindya99 Member

    I was searching the site for info on Blue Elephant. I recently picked up 3 clones of this strain and hoping to find some strain info on this. You posted that you got some Blue Elephant seeds for free with the purchase of other seeds. Did you get a chance to grow some blue elephant? Can you tell me anything about it? Yield, flower time, is it blue or purple?, what is the thc level in your opinion, etc... any info would be much appreciated. I have searched the internet and I am not finding much info on it.

    Thank you in advance.


    Hotsause Well-Known Member

    Ive smoked Euphoria Unlimited and it wasnt anywere near as strong as OG KUSH or Sour D for that matter..... Its a nice Uppy high but not much else to be said. Anyway Doggy Nuts is fucking ridiculous i dont even look at their seeds anymore since i saw the price tag on the first one

    Devildog93 Well-Known Member

    Green Crack is the best shit I have ever had, and I can get 200 1 wk. clones for 500$. Keep 180 for flowering, and 20 for moms.

    $1000 for seeds is fucking stupid, regardless if the company is reputable or not.

    As far as that is concerned, I have never purchased seeds, and I live in BC. I prefer letting a couple close friends do the seed "roll of the dice" and I pick their best results and purchase clones of that strain. But as far as what I have heard, my friends deal with and love Nirvana Seeds.

    cityokie Member

    sounds like my homeboy paying 100 dollars for GSC cuttings! LOL a sucker born every minute!:clap:

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