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Strip Club Stupidity????

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by r6ironman, May 9, 2008.


    r6ironman Active Member

    Here's a question for you. Just wondering if I should be concerned.

    Went to a strip club with some friends last weeked. Only the third time I have been to one in my life. This was one in another state that I had never been to before.

    My wife went to the bar to get a drink, she took my credit card with her and gave it to the bartender. The bartender gave her a drink and kept the card telling her that I needed to come up there and pick it up. I went to get it and she asked for my ID. I have her my license and she took it and said she would be right back. She came back, handed me my license and credit card, and a sheet of paper that she had made a copy of my license and credit card and she asked me to sign the piece of paper.

    It wasn't until the next day that I began to wonder why I had to do all of that and why they made a copy of it. With all of the identity theft there is I began to wonder if I had made a big mistake.

    What do you guys think. Why would they need to do all of that? Any ideas?

    hectik Well-Known Member

    shes going to order stuff online!! stuff like a cellphone aka wirefly.com

    HiAzHeLL Well-Known Member

    i would cancle that shit right now,, for one shes got your signiture(ID), your credit card number, and all your other personal information..Just a bartender? they have no right doing that what so ever even if they suspect something.....if that was me i would call my bank and cancle the card number and get a new one and call the cops on her dumb ass if that is the case

    hectik Well-Known Member

    im with hiazhell.... just a quick question? did you give the bartender a tip? cuz if not she probably got the tip herself =/

    r6ironman Active Member

    I agree with you guys. I will cancel it right now.

    40acres New Member

    probably too late

    r6ironman Active Member

    Just cancelled it. I haven't seen any odd activity on the account. But I would rather be safe than sorry. I should thought twice about it the other night. At least I did not have to learn the hard way.

    tropicaldreams Active Member

    yup i believe it was only the third time visiting a gentlemens club.bringing along a wife and using credit cards is not something that is common for strip club aficionados.its always cash and with the guys with the occasional bi girlfriends.

    psyknis Active Member

    It was probably the clubs policy in case you tried to say it wasn't you later to the credit card company. Having said that I think it was a good idea to change ur card #. I wouldn't use my card in a place that wanted all of that because if the ID theft issue nowadays. I can understand wanting to see your id with a signature on it. Or even two pieces. But the photocopying is extreme.

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    im sure she isnt using it for creidt fraud think about it it would be so easy tojust walk right in thier with the feds and point to the person who did it usually if your gonna do somethinbg like that you dont anna do it in person from your job

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    that said i wouldnt have let them copy mine to begin with i woulda thrown a big ass fit taken the copy anmd left

    DWR Well-Known Member

    lucky .. i would let my master card be rip'd just to see my girl act normal :(

    rosiepalms Active Member

    I was a waitress in a strip club that required a photocopy of your driver's license and credit card to use a credit card. I have even known of a club that required a thumb print for large amounts. Strip clubs constantly have to deal with customers disputing legitimate credit card charges. Buyer's remorse can be intense when YOU DIDN'T GET TO BRING ANYTHING HOME. Most of the customers in strip clubs have problems with impulse control. Even the poster had regrets about signing the photocopy but did it anyway. The club was just protecting their bottom line and the bartender was just doing her job. Strip clubs are very similar to casinos. The rule is: PAY CASH and only take as much as you can spend. When you run out of cash, LEAVE.

    DWR Well-Known Member

    ahh i make myself laugh, i was like who wrote that.. thats hella funny.. i felt the same once bongsmilie

    cannaman2.5 Well-Known Member

    strip clubs do that to insure they get paid.alot of people are addicted to that shit and run up massive bills and then deny the charges.Also a strip club is a heaven for people that steal credit cards.So they are probably just protecting themselves as well as you.

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