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Strange double-stem mutation now showing in all clones *pics*

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by RodriguesIV, Nov 11, 2012.


    RodriguesIV Active Member

    I have a dutch passion strawberry cough that I planted from seed that I am now flowering. I noticed in flowering that the branches started to form mutated double stems and every branch formed double shoots and double flowers. I thought it was interesting but didn't think anything more of it. I took several clones off it from single stem'd sections and now every single clone mutated into a double stem. I'm curious if anyone has seen this and if it's a problem? In the first pic you see that the cola's turn into a "Y" shape but the fan leaves are directly on top of each other although you can tell by the flowering one that they shift in order for them both to get light. So far I see it as a good thing but I thought it was special and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.
    mutantclone2.jpg mutantclone1.jpg floweringmutant.jpg

    donmagicjuan Active Member

    if its more like a flat wide stem i just had this thought it might be good and the big nice bud turned out to be shit all stem in the middle but good luck

    ltecato Active Member

    You might want to hold on to the clones for a while. I'm thinking some breeder might be able to get something innovative out of it. I don't know what causes that, but in other plants a virus sometimes causes a "sport" mutation that only affects part of the plant. Hmm. You might want to keep the weird plants away from the normal ones in case it's contagious. In fact, if you want to be really safe, wear gloves or wash your hands after you touch the mutants, and sterilize your cutting tools after you use them on the double-branched plants.

    Just wondering, has the mother plant been fimmed? I understand that has a similar affect. If you got the clones from fimmed parts of the plant, they might carry the multistem aberration in their DNA blueprints. Maybe. I've never done it.

    RodriguesIV Active Member

    It is a wide flat stem but I think I can feel two hollow "stems" inside of it when I squeeze it. It's pretty much two main stem conjoined I don't recall FIM'ing the plant I took the clone from but it's a good possibility as I do FIM sometimes. I took clones from all different spots of the plant including well below where a FIM would have took place and it seems to be triggered by flowering hormones.


    RodriguesIV Active Member

    I've been flowering it for 6 weeks along with 6 other strains so if it was a virus it's already too late. I think it must be genetic because it doesn't start out that way and only happens to the clones taken from that strain but so far it's a 100% guarantee that even if you take a single stemmed cutting that it will form a double stem within a few nodes.


    JonTheBaptist Active Member

    Enjoy that roided up space weed... looking good. That's all I have to say in this discussion - never seen it before.

    saintdraco Member

    I remember seeing this on Strain Hunters, i forget which episode. It's definitely not a virus. It's a genetic mutation.

    RodriguesIV Active Member

    Was it desirable? I'll know when I harvest in a few weeks if there's anything special about the double cola's.


    ltecato Active Member

    Rodrigues, based on what you say, my best guess is mutation caused by fimming or some other kind of stress (hormone treatment?). I'll be interested in seeing how it affects the yield. Such mutations can be useful at times.... that's how we got navel oranges and probably seedless grapes as well. I forgot to add that some bugs that attack plants can also cause the entire plant to drastically change growth habit and appearance. I've only specifically heard of that happening to aloe plants. It's caused by mites, and growers call it "aloe cancer."

    RodriguesIV Active Member

    I'll try to remember to update this thread in 4 months when they're being harvested. It will be interesting to see what the main stem looks like when it gets huge in flowering.


    JessiJames Active Member

    We popped seeds of White Shark that developed this mutation. We were interested and flowered them out to see what happened. The lower branches developed normal buds and flowered out fine, but did not exhibit signs of the mutation in veg either. The top cola developed a large strange bud that appeared to have two full colas growing while fuzed in the center. After our bloom push, when the buds began to harden up, they developed bud rot. It looked as though the main stem could not handle the weight of both buds and had collapsed on itself and flattened out its vascular system making it unable to carry nutrients and water to the bud. We did not continue to grow this mutation. It does not seem to be a desirable or adventitious mutation, as the stem cannot support the bud growth, and the compacted and tangled bud growth is apt to encourage bud rot.

    zeerocool Well-Known Member

    I just found the same mutation. I have 6 Easy Rider F2s and just noticed this.

    2013-01-20 21.54.15.jpg 2013-01-20 21.54.49.jpg 2013-01-20 21.56.38.jpg

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