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Strains with biggest bud production

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by twostoned, Apr 17, 2009.


    twostoned Active Member

    Hello all, I'm a new old grower looking for advice. I'm going to order soe seeds off Nirvana (or if there are better sites that ship to usa then i'll look into them) and i was wondering what sort of strains produce the most buds without growing to tall. I saw this crazy ass plant with 12inch long main buds, tough the plant was very small height wise. the only plant i had harvested successfully had about four inch buds and fanned out like a christmas tree and was nearly 6 foot tall.

    i'll be growing hydroponically as well, any nute reccomendations would be great as well.

    richjames Well-Known Member

    U may have seen some auto's.... I had some good sized nugs with my lr2ak47's... but a lot of it imo, depends on how much light ur workin with along with a host of other things regarding plant environment as well .... keeping optimum conditions in ur grow space can pay dividends come harvest

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    edux10 Well-Known Member

    Big Bud.

    I don't know, they are all pretty much the same. There are some that take longer and give less but these ones have highter THC content anyways so either way it evens out. Do you want quality or quantity? go for both,

    There are Sativas that will take forever to finish but will give you giant yeilds, BUT, then again, you could squeeze 2 indica crops in the same time... see what I am saying, there is really no easy way to get a lot more bang for that same buck. Experience is the best thing and will pay in the long run.

    If you get lucky and get a good crop in but you didn't do your homework, just got lucky, then you go for 2 years and you plants suck, you will find that knowlage is true power.
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