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strains that makes you laugh, social, energetic, and happy

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Geekin, Nov 17, 2008.


    Geekin Active Member

    What do you think are the best strains for highs that:

    • Make you laugh?
    • Make you really talkative and social?
    • Make you very energetic and want to do anything?

    Crispy Active Member

    I'm sorry I can't help ya, but I'll give ya a bump b/c I'd like to know as well. I would say it'll probably be something more into the Sativa world though.

    cream8 Well-Known Member

    the haze varieties are great. im a fan of sativa dom. hybrids

    white ice
    super silver haze
    Rocky Top High

    Rocky Top High Well-Known Member

    This one is easy for me...Kali Mist...Kali Mist...Kali Mist. Without a doubt, the best I have ever smo0ked and grew. This stuf has no ceiling and it just makes me laugh my ass off. 15 minutes after smoking a bowl, you will be looking for something to get into. It is a cerebral high like no other.

    Serious Seeds has some top shelf genetics and as far as I am concerned, this is their best offering. 80-90 days to flower but once you grow and smoke it, you will ALWAYS have some in your personal stash. Simply outsatnding and it meets your demands to a "T".

    Geekin Active Member

    THANKYOU!!! I checked that strain out, it looks pretty nuts :D
    will definitely consider it for my next grow!!

    HydroBandits Well-Known Member

    durban poison and grandaddy purps :D

    anything straight sativa or mostly sativa

    Hobbes Well-Known Member

    Big Laughing, Dr Greenthumb: This REALLY does give fits of laughter. I'm low on bud so I've been clipping bud off some clones and putting them on my ballast - even unripe and uncured it still gives a really nice laughing buzz that lasts 15 minutes, then a half hour to an hour of pleasant chill. It's a killer when cured. Best bud I've grown so far. And it tastes great right off the ballast, not harsh.

    Dr. Greenthumb: Cannabis Sativa, Seeds, Indica, Marijuana Weed, Growing Culture


    Blueberry, Dutch Passion
    Strawberry Cough, Dutch Passion
    Bubblegum, Serious (not TH)
    Arjan's Haze #3, Greenhouse (pretty much any haze)
    Skunkberry, Peak or Blue Cheese,(?)
    Cheese, Big Bhudda: uplifting, no ceiling
    Kali Mist, Serious (not sure about the laughing fits, but I"m with Rocky it's a must try. Social, no ceiling)
    Original Flo, Dutch Passion: Unique motivational high



    bud2befree Well-Known Member

    wooooooo wwwwwweeeee! you'll sure know bud!! some good stuff up there

    Geekin Active Member

    I've Heard of Big Laughing!! Supposedly it's pretty awesome and the plant looks incredible to grow with those serrated leaves! sadly It's kinda pricey for me however $125 for ten non-feminized seeds :/
    Perhaps one day in the future!!!

    Drgreenz Well-Known Member

    generally speaking pure sativas lift you up and get you gigly and social. sativa/indica hhybrids get you social but keep you in reality and keep you chill, pure indicas tend to give you couch lock. I have a SSH and if i smoke more than a bowl in a couple hours i get gigly as hell and laughing fits come alot lol

    gardenman Well-Known Member

    PPP is mostly sativa and it makes me really active. Smoke late one night and I couldn't go to sleep period.

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