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Strains for Bi-Polar, Anti-Anxiety, and Depression

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by StewartAR, Jan 27, 2010.


    StewartAR Member

    Hey hey everyone :bigjoint:

    So, my girlfriend and I finally got our own place, and after months of planning, I have invested in what I hope to be a proper growing set-up.

    However, before I go into that, I first want to find the exact strains that I should grow. We have decided that our grow area is suitable for 4 plants, although we would prefer no more than 3 strains.

    Here is what we are looking for:

    My girlfriend has bi-polar disorder and depression. She loves sativas and cerebral, euphoric type weeds. Her favorite strain is TrainWreck.

    I have pretty bad anxiety and ADD, both of which contribute heavily to insomnia. I also enjoy sativas and other fantastic daytime smokes, something that is buzzy on the body but clear headed and calm. My favorite strain is probably the Lambsbread that I got from a dispensary.

    So, as for growing, I would ideally like short to medium height plants. Yield is not an issue, as it will be for personal and not commercial use. I have been growing peppers for 12 years but this is my first attempt at growing cannabis. However, I feel that I have enough experience to take on intermediate strains (those that require slightly more attention to pH, nutrient intake, etc). Currently I own one 250 wt HPS and one 400 wt HPS light. I plan to use an organic soiless-mix supplemented with tried-and-true organic nutrients, such as worm castings, blood+bone meal, etc.

    So, what 3 strains would you recommend for us to attempt? So far we are considering:

    Mandala Satori
    Mandala Hashberry
    DNA Sharksbreath
    Sagarmatha Strawberry D-Lite
    AF Afghan Kush Ryder (Gf wants to grow it herself)

    What other strains fit our parameters? Any help or advice is appreciated!

    PS: Is it worth going with more expensive strains (Soma Lavender, DJ Shorts Vanniluna, etc) for a first-time grow?
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    turtledurtle Well-Known Member

    hey i i tried hashberry mand 1, kalichakra, satori and 8 mile
    i like 8 mile best...makes me happy and high and a successfull! fuck yeah, go 8 mile doggie, fresh lime green, im no master grower but mandala, tude, and 8mile made me feel good, like a winner!

    turtledurtle Well-Known Member

    oh yeah, hashberry will make you tired and kinda depressed if you ask me, might wanna hold off on that maybe or not
    violator kush

    violator kush Active Member

    great white shark for u and maybe the cholope for your gurls

    growone Well-Known Member

    i have anxiety issues, so far nl#5 has proven to be surprisingly useful for me

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    Hey Stewart

    I've been supplying bud for myself and 3 others to treat symptoms for a mix of clinical depression, anxiety and mania. I'll list some of the strains I've tried and researched and a quick blurb on each. I find that different types of strains help at different times of the day, and for different intensities of sickness - it's good to have a couple of strains - a functional strain and a knockout of reality strain.

    Depending on the type, duration and intensity of the depression some strains can start to lift you out in seconds. Other strains may leave some of the depression but give you a split mind where your intellect can examine the depression and the emotional pain without being effected itself. This can take some time if you're not already practicing this, it's a good way to remain relatively functional even during the worst of depressions.

    Bubblegum - Serious Seeds: crystal clear euphoric high. Very potent but functional and clear. Tastes like pink bubblegum and icing sugar. A treat, I know it works because I go through it quick. (stimulating)

    Kali Mist - Serious Seeds: an up-opiate; nothing is wrong; bliss; cuts through moods and other highs/stones; spice; my favorite strain (my pheno takes 18 weeks, some take 10 but will have different effects) (neither sedative nor stimulating, but you must overcome Bliss to move)

    ** Kali Mist is like being in the Nexus. From Star Trek the next generation movie where Kirk comes back to fight Sorun. Everything is so perfect you never want to leave, and if you're bending under the weight of clinical depression you'll do anything to get back.

    The closest effect I can compare it to is the opiate stone from Percocet, except it's an up-opiate and there's no withdrawal. To cap it off you don't chase the dragon, you ride it. 2 years and the high just keeps getting better and better as I learn to grow and cure better.

    I Can't recommend Kali Mist high enough but considering the long flowering period you may be better off starting with two shorter flowering strains and add Kali Mist as a third or later strain, once you have bud on hand. Tell your girlfriend that this strain is good for menstrual cramps. It won a Cannabis Cup with all women judges.


    AK47 - Serious Seeds: soaring high, rocket fuel, non functional. Smells like dead skunk during flower, needs odor control. Will lift spirits almost immediately but the power of the soaring high may cause anxiety if you're not use to it. (stimulating)

    Jilly Bean - MzJill (Subcool & TGA): High type-Happy, mood enhancing, humorous, energetic; Smells like orange skunk or tang/ Taste so much like Dreamcicles you will not believe it.; Extremely up beat and happy buzz great for depression and bad days. I got a pheno called "The Candy Store" - huge producer, potent and reeks of blue jelly beans. Like dripping syrup. (stimulating)

    Pandora's Box - Subcool (TGA): the Cheshire Cat strain; High type- Zooming, Happy, Grinning, anti depressant BIGTIME!;smells: It taste like NL5 to me but its very industrial with a slight citrus taste and a undertone of spice and hash One female has been named Cherry Lethal lemonade. I find this to be the most potent of Jillybean, JTR and PB - dissociative. (stimulating)

    The Flav
    - Subcool (TGA): strong narcotic stone for when you have to check out; mangos. (sedative to the point of narcotic)

    Querkle - Subcool (TGA): grape; high type- Indica head and grape taste make it total all day headstash.; smells: grapes, fruit, berries, musty; one of my favorite things to smoke out of a clean bong the flavor is just amazing and IMO better than Mom. (sedative)

    Strawberry Cough - (Dutch Passion or preferably a clone from a dispensary): the best anxiety melting strain I've grown. The pheno I had was weak and tasted bad, but melted anxiety like steaming water on butter. I'm growing 4 more from seed to look for a good mother. People review it as a very potent high when you get a good pheno. (stimulating)

    Flo - DJ Short: tastes like musky grapes; unique motivating high; my pheno is a very small producer but finishes right on 8 weeks - chopped yesterday at 55 days this run. If you need to get things done while being happy this is the strain. Small producer (uniquely motivating, a must have if you have trouble with motivation during depression)

    Big Bang - Greenhouse: a mild sedative stone, sold in Dutch pharmacies for anxiety. (sedative)

    You can get all of these strains from Attitude, they deliver world wide.



    Endless Sky - Dr Greenthumb: Very very potent; super heavy indica stone; has a pheno that flowers in 6 weeks; 500 grams / meter square sog. A workhorse strain; great for getting lots of potent bud quickly. Doc is a great and time tested breeder but a touch expensive. Worth the money, any strain you see at Doc's place should be worth a grow. (sedative)



    I've grown Super Strawberry Diesel by Elite, similar to Sag's Strawberry D-lite. It was a great strain but I found it weak. Strawberry Cough is a much better strain for anxiety.


    Good luck with everything, if I can be of any help please contact me.


    bongsmilie __________________
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    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    For insomnia



    Seraph - Breeder's Choice (forum member HHF): Plant selections throughout the breeding of this line, have been for nothing other than a specific quality of pain relief and cure for insomnia. It is a anti-modern line, that has been selected carefully for flowers that when trimmed and cured correctly will deliver a massive dose of instant, long lasting pain relief and if used in higher dosage will deliver a knock-out sleep inducing head ''stoned to the bones'' effect when your eyes want to close and you wish to seek somewhere to sleep. If used in higher dosage in the morning the unique Cannabinoid and Terpenoid profile of this seed line will put you straight back to bed.

    HHF haunts this forum by times, if you have questions this is as good a place as any to start a thread.



    Godzilla - Dr VonDank: http://www.rollitup.org/seed-strain-...-godzilla.html (if you want more info on Doc's strain PM him from his thread)


    The Flav - Subcool: narcotic. Post a question in Subcool's forum if you have questions about the strain.




    Harvest the plants when the trichomes are all amber.



    violator kush

    violator kush Active Member

    omg hobbs is back! whats up buddy?

    StewartAR Member

    This has all been phenomenally helpful! After discussing it with my girlfriend, I think that we will grow:

    Mandala Satori
    Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel (possibly, not sure yet)

    and a choice between:

    Subcool Pandora's Box: That smiling type high sounds fantastic
    Subcool Jilly Bean: Gf's pick, she loves dreamcicles, and the overall effect sounds like something both of us would love
    DNA Sharksbreath: My fav strain is Jamaican Lambsbread, and the GWS someone suggested sounds great. This is a combo.

    Right now I'm leaning on the Jilly Bean, simply because it sounds fantastic and easy to grow. However, any other suggestions are completely appreciated!

    StewartAR Member

    Bump for any more opinions :)

    Also, I bought a used 400 wt HPS system from a friend for $40, who sold it at that price because he melted the inside of a fridge with said light. The light has a little bit of melted plastic on it. What is the best way to clean this off and remove any danger from the plastic (fire, fumes, etc). Any advice is appreciated!

    sodalite Well-Known Member

    i have read that plants with high levels of CBD in them are good for anxiety.

    FireCoral Active Member

    My boyfriend and I grow White Satin. I got it because I have anxiety and depression constantly. But I'll tell you, after almost a year of growing this stuff, it really hasn't helped. I'm moving onto better strains. Thanks for posting this, because now I have some other to try 8) But yeah, no matter what you read, White Satin doesn't help with it at all. In fact, my anxiety has gotten worse over the past couple months and I've been smoking more of it. o_O go figure!

    turtledurtle Well-Known Member

    great thread! i just saw the tude newsletter green house seeds for free, plus regular freebies,
    its been my experience with anti- depressants, everybodies different and reacts differently to medications, took me years of trying different ones till i tried prozac and reefers,
    so many different smokes, livin the dream:-P, like a kid in a candy store

    Hobbes Well-Known Member

    Hey Violator Kush!

    I''ve been researching and trying different extraction methods and came back to my previous conclusion - sub critical CO2 is the gold standard. So I've been scouring the web for non existent info on how to build my own CO2 extractor. I'm going to have to MacGiver it to build one on my budget but I think it's doable.

    I've got a test thread going about making clones from roots, simple technique I picked up from the old OverGrow forum.

    That's about it. Built a new veg room, drilled air holes in my grow table ... the usual.

    How 'bout you?


    heady yeti

    heady yeti Member

    tHE bIG bANG IS A BUNK Strain, indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse, it was big and fruitful, but had little to no effect, other than "I'm smoking it?". Have yet to try, Jilly Bean has the advertisment to make it sound worthwhile. Try MANY different strain to find the "ONE" for you. Happy garden best wishes.
    Moby Dick
    Red Dragon
    Sour D
    OG ATF
    Mr. Nce
    something for everyone, as you can see, a herbal blend can do wonders for (my)anxiety\depression.

    You dont have to breed if you can mix hashish!

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