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Strains best suited to hempy growing

Discussion in 'Drain-To-Waste Hydro' started by Garyoutlaw, Jan 9, 2014.


    Garyoutlaw Member

    With the wide selection of exotic strains available these days I wonder what growers have found to thrive in hempy growing systems best.. "Best" being quality yeald flavor simplicity to grow ect..

    smokegreenshlt Active Member

    My very best luck has been with white rhino and og kush...but I've been growing 15-20 year old bag seed and they love hempys just as much...I think anything is well suited enough to grow in a Hempy!

    rickymac21 Well-Known Member

    Im pretty sure most if not all strains will perform well in hempy. In fact from what i can tell hempy is a replication of the earths ground. If you dig deep enough into the earth you will hit water. Although the majority of plants wont reach these pockets of water, the ones that do thrive (large trees etc). A hempy is the same concept.

    Regardless, as long as the strain you pick comes from good genetics, i wouldnt worry. Just do some research and,find,a,strain that suits your needs. Check out tga seeds

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