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Strain with lowest THC level.

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by _forbidden_, Oct 29, 2007.

    Kodank Moment

    Kodank Moment Well-Known Member

    I wasn't bagging on him. And I never called out his reasoning. I am not one to bash someone because they do their own thing. Of course I don't speak for everyone, so I am sure someone will bash him.

    I completely understand his reasoning. Like I said, my friend prefers less potent bud as well. I just said that I don't know how he could grow less potent cannabis. Seems I don't prefer it or prefer to grow it.

    stonedoutcam Well-Known Member

    i might soud stupid asking but does certain grass really have thc?

    blzbob Well-Known Member

    You can grow any strain that you want and make it less potent by harvesting a couple weeks early. Just don't let the trichs change.
    grape swisha

    grape swisha Well-Known Member

    why dont you test this bongsmilie
    bicycle racer

    bicycle racer Well-Known Member

    cannabis ruderalis some seedbanks carry this landrace strain native to russia and areas of europe it is a autoflower strain low potency. also seeding your bud will reduce total yield but potency will not be changed. other than that older sativa strains for me seem quite weak.

    REEFS Well-Known Member

    Dutch Passion have a-lot of strains that have a moderate to low thc level. I am a firm believer that the quality of the high far out weighs the thc level.
    bicycle racer

    bicycle racer Well-Known Member

    people forget there are many active cannabinoids in cannabis so a strain with good levels of thc will not always be better than a strain with lower thc. it is funny when seed companies list thc contet of there strains thc as the end all be all factor. if this was the case all highs produced would be identical as long as you smoked enough of a low level thc strain to reach the level of a more potent strain this is obviously not the case with cannabis. there is a perfect strain for everyone somewhere lol.

    stonedoutcam Well-Known Member

    im good lol i was baked as shit haha i kn a kid who will though hahaha even better

    kronic1989 Well-Known Member

    beat the shit out of your stash before you smoke it. I wouldnt get you high if you abused me....

    robcat483 Member

    I believe that that this KB rush consuming the world is way overrated. Im from south texas where theres plenty of schwag and KB available to the public and many people, such as myself, prefer the the gentler side of cannabis. Hell mexico produces some of the best sativa on the planet. Only problem with the brickweed is the shady treatment it gets from the money hungry people growing it. But take that brick weed and grow it indoors with care and its nothing short of wonderful. Looks better, tastes better and still preserves that moderate up high thats more gentle and euphoric than highgrade strains. I personally never cared too much for KB and the cost is unacceptable IMO. The indicas make me too lethargic. The sativas too paranoid. The hybrids cause me to feel both sometimes. I feel more comfortable growing my mexican sativa because its a natural strain with a natural high. The seeds and clones from despensaries have been genetically advanced to have much more THC and i have no doubt that they will keep pushing the envelope, but as far as im concerned it can stay the way its been for thousands of years before breeders intervened. Just a matter of opinion ofcourse.

    brownbearclan Active Member

    Because they probably want to smoke it in place of cigarettes and not be ripped off their arse all day. =)

    xebeche Well-Known Member

    Skip the bud and smoke the leaves of the plant.

    Anonymoo Member

    Well said.

    I don't understand most of these responses. First off....since when does super potent week automatically mean it is good? So you can only say you smoke good weed if you take half hits that result in being stoned out of your gourd? This seems VERY misguided. I remember a few years ago when the weed was a little weaker (which means shitty I guess) and you could actually smoke a joint (or blunt) with friends and have a good time. Now you take one hit from a bowl and you are done. I hope some of you posters will just take a second and reconsider your stance.

    I just want to make a quick comparison with beer. Do you go around drinking 9%abv beers all the time because strong equals good? Hell no! Beer comes in crazy amount of varieties and strengths depending on individual preferences. Sometimes you just want a low abv beer that you can put a couple down with friends without getting annihilated. They are called session beers. What is wrong with someone wanting some session weed?


    gagekko Well-Known Member

    Just harvest ur bud early... it will be weaker and you can pick a strain that best suits ur taste

    **just saw this idea was already posted... props to original poster***

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