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Strain with highest CBD content?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by meekmeekpeek, Mar 16, 2008.


    meekmeekpeek Active Member

    Hey, I'm new to the forum and couldnt find an answer to the question anywhere. But, from all that I've read, CBD seems to even out the high and relax you pretty well. So does anyone know a strain with very high CBD content?
    Manny Ramirez

    Manny Ramirez Well-Known Member

    I'm growing Arjan's Haze #2......and that supposedly is CBD:1.6%

    We TaRdED

    We TaRdED Well-Known Member

    indicas usually have more cbd's than sativa's, also if you want higher cbd's you should let your plant flower for an extra week maybe two. your high should be more couchlock/higher cbd content. when the thc degrades it turns into cbd's....... or something like that...... ya if you want a more mellow high, let it go longer. experiment and see what you like the best. :peace:

    anhedonia Well-Known Member

    Look up orange bud dude. Im growing it right now and its the highest cbd content of the dutch passion seeds. I got it for that reason also cbd has anti-psychotic properties as some studys report.

    camaro630hp Well-Known Member

    great info guys i wanna c where goes

    anhedonia Well-Known Member

    where the hell did you get that info? I heard .6% is the highest.

    bobzombie69 Member

    there are many strains with a higher CBD than .6% i am new to this but have sceen many strains with 1.6%, barneys farm has several

    HALFil Member

    The strain Harlequin tested to contain 7% CBD and 7% THC, however CBD content has been recorded as high as 11.9%. Due to Harlequin's high CBD content it is especially good for medicinal purposes. The CBD also allows for a very non-psychoactive high.

    TruenoAE86coupe Moderator


    tardis Well-Known Member

    Yes. TGA Subcools Cheesequake, I just dried a plant and put it in its first week of cure, smoked it today, youc an feel those cbds in the heavy body stone. Really really great indica leaning hybrid. Its UK Exodus Cheese clone X Querkle male.

    jeremymilehigh Member

    R4 is the highest CBD I've seen 18% CBD. Greenwerkz Denver Colorado.

    CBDmeister Member

    Hi. Synergy Wellness collective is dedicated to CBD Rich products. The term CBD Rich means that there is a minimum of 4% CBD content. While indica is higher in CBD than sativa, typically an indica will have .5-.8%cbd vs sativa at .2-.4% CBD.
    Currently, Synergy Wellness has buds of Harlequin (5% cbd), Cannatonic (8.1% cbd), Omrita Rx3 (9.5% cbd) and Sour Tsunami (7.5% cbd).
    We also have live plants available for these and a few new CBD rich strains we are growing that preliminary testing shows promise.

    TheGreenGlove420 Member

    So Can i get this seed or in a clone somehow, just wondering if how it grows outdoors?

    TheGreenGlove420 Member

    wow nevermind im a stoner forgot to read what strains you said, and i already have cannatonic, so yah i will get it tested this year and get those numbers

    Chassan Member

    where and what site r seeds from? That high cbd I would live for please ,

    JohnnyTHCeeds Member

    There are several. Availability is the hard part. TGA Subcool has a strain called Pennywise that runs 10%-12% CBD. A new strain which is difficult to get is called R4 GreenWerkz dispensary in the Denver area carries it. http://www.greenwerkz.com/the-r4/r4-grow-tips/ R4 runs around 18% CBD with an extremely low THC%. Usually you will find the ratio to fall around 1:1. R4 is classified at 99:1 If you are in Colorado or some other Med state you will have better luck. Hard to believe but Colorado is now the premier place to be for this kind of thing. We have the top producing numbers in the US. With Rec use coming online Colorado will soon out produce foreign companies. Pretty cool. The less than 2% strains are very common but there are much higher numbers. If you need seeds go here http://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com/ Please follow the rules. Seeds can only be sold as souvenirs but this is an extremely reliable company.

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