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Strain That Makes You LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by marijuanajoe1982, Jun 21, 2008.


    marijuanajoe1982 Well-Known Member

    So, I am a mostly Indica man myself, The perfect high being about 70% Indica/30% Sativa influence. While I like to be mostly immobilized However, I've recieved numerous requests for something that makes you laugh.

    What strain do I need to get? preferably something available through an online seed bank. I am looking for the kind of high that gives you the giggles so bad your stomach and cheek muscles start to hurt eventually from all the laughing you're doing. I'm presuming it will be a mostly Sativa strain, but which one? and I can't just go by names, like "Laughing Buddah." Just 'cause it says 'laughing' in the title doesn't necessarily mean it makes you laugh, right? Any help appreciated.
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    metsystem Active Member

    Blueberry :) I was sitting in a huge ditch in this field with snow all around one day skipping class. and the three of us are sitting there with fresh snow, all the sudden one of sees footprints and we all look around quickly and wonder wtf those wern't there 5 min ago, so some jogger or something ran by well were all sitting eye level with the ground, laughed for probably 30 min straight. in hind site i think we just missed the footprints when we sat down.
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    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    Alcapulco Gold.you'll like it because my lady and i blazed one at this drive-in and went to Denny's afterwards and when we were waiting for our order we were busting up at and about everything! I made 80.00 bucks that night off two fat nugs i had just to keep it moving..nice night. KEEP SMOKE ALIVE!!

    marijuanajoe1982 Well-Known Member

    First off, I'm giving both you guys rep for responding so soon. thanks for actually caring, and being good human beings. That being said, I think I'll need to get a little more specific. There's so many companies offering Blueberry, I wouldn't know which one to buy. Some of them might even be different than the one you had, genetically. I need someone to tell me basically "Greenhouse's Arjan's Haze #3" or something. I have heard it might leave one prone to fits of the giggles. Inyone tried Arjan's Haze #3 or Barney's Laughing Buddah? I've heard something mentioned about each strain once, but on separate occasions, that they are laughy. Can anyone confirm this? Or give me the company name and strain of a plant that I can actually buy and be sure it's the same one I was told about?
    Rocky Top High

    Rocky Top High Well-Known Member

    My favorite is Kali Mist by Serious Seeds. It is without a doubt, the one strain that gives me the laughs. It has great flavor and even a better high and get ready to laugh and laugh and laugh. I don't see alot of pub for this strain and I think it is do to the fact it takes 12+ weeks to flower.

    I always keep this starin in my personal stash. I am going to try and grow some Kali every other grow just to make sure I always have it. Everytime I smoke with friends, they beg for some. I usually don't give recommendations but this one is worth it especially if you want to laugh your ass off.

    marijuanajoe1982 Well-Known Member

    That's the kind of Info I need, brother! keep it coming folks!!!! I also want to be able to have a little selection. Commercial weed with no name has made me laugh before, so there has to be more out there! But definitely props for the Kali Mist! + rep

    Reprogrammed Well-Known Member


    I had the pleasure of indulging in blueberry recently, and WOW.

    I'll recreate the experience here: bongsmilie:D:-D:-D:eyesmoke::sleep:

    Anyways, besides Blueberry, the Texada Timewarp that I grew awhile ago was phenomenal. This DEFINITELY wasn't because of me. It slowed time down, made you laugh like crazy, and made each laugh more pleasurable than the next. Highly recommended for those times when you want to kick back with friends and spin funny tales.

    marijuanajoe1982 Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks for the help fellas, keep it coming! There have been a couple mentions of Blueberry, but that strain is offered by about every seed bank,lol! Does anyone know what company makes the laugiest Blueberry? also still looking for more strains and breeders, I want a list to choose from. +rep for helping out guys!

    forgedgreens Active Member

    nice info, master kush got me gigglin but only had it once to my knowledge
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    valuablevariable Well-Known Member

    I grew master kush, its an indica and doesnt get me laughing. Im following the thread, i need a super fun laughing my ass of high myself
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    marijuanajoe1982 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, if an Indica gives you the giggles, it probably has some Sativa bred in. Has anyone tried Arjan's Haze #3? it is pretty much the only Haze he has that is affordable, and I know it's probably gonna be a Sativa that will give me the best chance at getting the giggles. I do have 5 feminized Hawaiian Snow, whis is supposedly the highest ever THC level tested at 23.7, but It may be too intense to create the giggles. Also, does anyone think Barney's Laughing Buddha might give the giggles? I mean, the word "Laugh" is right in the name! Also, if anyone has smoked Hawaiian Snow from Greenhouse, is it laughy?

    dirtyshawa Well-Known Member

    sour diesel, sour diesel, sour diesel
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    koolhand77 Well-Known Member

    Hey kinda new to this fourm thing. The social buzz is what makes you laugh being around other people. I smoke everyday and I usally smoke alone. So I lack the funnies. But, when my buddie came over I was lmao... We were smokin ppp(powerplant) and Boston sour diezal... fun times.
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    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    CHECK THESE OUT:Haze, hidu kush, Jack Herrer, K2, Indoor mix 2004, Maroc x Afghan KEEP SMOKE ALIVE!!

    caliboy80 Well-Known Member

    One time me and my bro were smokin some White Widdow (sativa60/40) from Buy Dutch Seeds.com, and my 2 dogs were in the room so we got some bread and we started picking it off and feeding them really fast and they were running around getting the bread like crazy, we actually could not stop laughing the whole time...

    animals are very funny when your stoned, put on the Nat Geo channel at look and the monkeys for some good laughs..

    KushKing949 New Member

    i think that it all depends on who you are with cuz i mean when ur smoking alone or high alone shit just isnt funny but whenever im with ppl blazin we always be laughin no matter what kind of weed it is. if ur with lame ppl of course u aint gonna laugh so the peeps u blaze with make the difference. also animals are hella funny fosho i love to analyze what they r thinking lol i know im weird but fug it.

    valuablevariable Well-Known Member

    might be true about the alone and with people thing but white widow is also mainly a pure indica and same results as the master kush

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    Lets see I have smoked: White Widow, Bubblegum, Powerplant, Lowryder, Afgan #1, Big Bud, AK47, Kali Mist, and many many unknown or strains that people claim but are not verifiable. I get visuals with White Widow not much giggle, Bubblegum is a creeper not high, not high, little high, this sucks, fuck I'm really really high. I though Powerplant was kind of weak. Afagan was major couch lock just stoned out of my mind. Big Bud had mixed results stoned but up all around commercial KB type high. AK47 knocks you on your ass can't feel much stoned and really up high can't do much but sit. And Kali Mist was really up probably best for giggles and doings stuff but still being high. I would think more sativa dominant plants would give you LMAO sessions.

    Jables&Jakoseph Well-Known Member

    I like Sativa's a lot more than Indicas mainly because I only smoke with friends/family and when i do I'd rather laugh a fuck load then be serious and just trip out:lol: I personally would love to try blueberry and Sour Diesel, they are both Sativa and they are so beautiful. Dose anyone know of a good online seed bank with really good Sour Diesel and/or Blueberry?:leaf::mrgreen:

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    I agree I like sativas but I some mixes provide a better high than pure sativa:peace:

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