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Strain questions: Larry OG, Platinum OG and ChemDawg 4 clones.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by R1Farmer, Apr 24, 2011.


    R1Farmer Active Member

    I picked up these clones from Harborside a few months ago. They are in Week 5 of flower and I'm pretty sure these 3 strains I got are the same strains... are these strains so similar that they are almost identical?? All three are tall and lanky and blooming popcorn buds...not large/big colas. All three have a light green color. Same smell. Same bud structure. Man I don't want to think Harborside did me but are these strains that identical to each other?

    R1Farmer Active Member

    *bump* hoping someone who grew these strains will chime in....

    Jdbudz Member

    I got Larry and platinum they look the same I got them from harborside too. I havent done Chem dog yet

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