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Strain for outdoor UK?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by shinobi, Apr 29, 2008.


    shinobi Active Member

    Ok, So I am going to grow outside in England, the plants will probably be in a green house. I was wondering if any one knows any good strains for growing outside in England, it will be my first time so I don't want to spend to much on seeds. Any links to good sites for it would be apprieciated.:mrgreen:


    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Hi dude.
    Im in UK and this year I have some Durban Skunk-Swazi Skunk Early Skunk -Shiva Shanti 2and Mighty Might for outdoors this year aswel as some of my own Hash99 (c99xMorrocan) .
    Paradise Amsterdam Flame is what friends are ravening over this year.

    Early Misty/Snow White is probably the nicest outdoor variety's but its finding a good plant to clone from. But if you just plan on growing some good plants then nirvana are sufficient

    High4Life Well-Known Member

    Cali mist can cope will with are conditions Snow white tastes similar I dont know how well it grows outdoors thou .

    White widow can also take a battering from are unpredictable weather .

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    they will do you proud outdoor dude! my problem with sw after an outdoor was matching its outdoor potential indoors and couldn't be done so it was never kept.
    Early Skunk though is another story! can do as well in as out (lol the reason I chose MNS ES not sensi was the price for 17 seeds worked out less then
    £2.50 ea )

    Last year mate took his out early april 07 ended up with 6-8 ft skunk#1 OMG talk about x tree shaped phenos. They come down nov - 6 was good old yields from them

    northernlights Well-Known Member

    biddy early is a great strain to grow in uk climate
    the dog

    the dog Active Member

    hi, am trying biddy early in my plastic greenhouse. first batch in all-mix had low germination and shows signs of over-watering even after little water. wondered if it might be inhibited root development.

    would be very grateful to know if you had a similar problem, and if so any solution.


    Scoobysnax Active Member

    Try putting ur plants in bigger pots.

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