Strain for Anxiety and Self-consciousness

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by sflshreddin, Nov 19, 2012.


    sflshreddin Member

    Hey guys, I have really severe anxiety and am very self concious.
    I need a strain to help me out with that when Im out of the house, school for example.
    I want to find something that will help me but at the same time not turn me into a couch potato.
    Something that would "energize"?
    I heard something with low thc but high cbd is good for this?

    D3monic Well-Known Member


    I prefer sativa dom strains for my anxiety even though they claim indicas would be better. Blue dream always a fav. It took a lot for me to get over my social anxiety and smoking has always added to it.

    sflshreddin Member

    Hmm, I was planning on getting jock horror, white widow or wonder woman.
    I just heard that sativa based ones can make my anxiety worse.

    So right now my choices are to get prescription drugs for anxiety/depression.. something like that.
    or smoke, havent smoked once in 2012 because i did acid twice. 2010 and 2011 i believe, and that made me quit everything.
    or meditation or something of that nature.

    Voidling Well-Known Member

    I second blue dream. Was the most social anxiety calming smoke I've known. I went to a ren faire campout and the only people I knew disappeared. Anxiety to hell. Pulled up to a camp fire and passed a bowl of blue dream, next several hours I spent enjoying the company of strangers having one of the most memorable times of my life.

    It is probably a lot to do with the blueberry in the mix, so probably any of the blueberry crosses would be good to some extent. I love my blueberry but it knocks me out.

    D3monic Well-Known Member

    I need xanax a lot less for my anxiety.. maybe only a half pill a couple times a week. .... but I still need it but don't rely or abuse it.

    sflshreddin Member

    Hmm alright, ty for the feedback guys. Which would you recommend from jock horror, white widow and wonder woman tho?

    oregonboog Member

    I dont know about jock, but jack strains, imo, would not be good for anxiety or self-coniousness. White widow... maybe? However, blue strains are the way to go when a euphoric non aggressive stone is preferred.

    sflshreddin Member

    Alright, blues it is. I have 200 tall x 50 wide x 60 deep grow cab.. centimeters.
    I want fast harvests with nice yield so should I do clones, autos or 12/12 from seed?
    Thanks alot for helping me guys!!

    Voidling Well-Known Member

    Do you have room for a small mother and clone cab? Nothing fancy needed. Is cheapest way to run perpetual. Buying seeds gets pricy

    sflshreddin Member

    I can split my 200 cm height into anything. 100 and 100 or 50 and 150.. so yes i do have mother n clone cab. I'm in the process of building so I'm tryna figure out whats the best way to grow for yield and quick harvests. Paying for seeds isn't a problem since I don't smoke and I will get rid of it.

    skuba Active Member

    I'd go with meditation, or exercise like riding a bike or skateboarding or hiking or some shit. xanax will help, but only until it wears off. you gotta study yourself and your mind and figure out where that anxiety comes from, becaues there's always something causing it.

    sflshreddin Member

    After thinking for awhile, makes sense. Alright, well I'm not gonna start smoking and I won't take pills.
    I need to start working out. Will be snowing here soon, I've been skating for about 6 years.

    dolamic Well-Known Member

    Damn the dude just asked for a bit of strain knowledge and you give him a psychiatric evaluation. Sure we all got problems, but sometimes just growing, or learning or being a part of a group or society will help. Know what helps me? A few beers helps alleviate the social stigma and anxiety for me, but kinda hard to do while in school. :D

    hsfkush Well-Known Member

    Don't be so fucking ugly and you won't be so self concious... Fucking drama queen.I'm joking haha, I have a slight anxiety problem and I've found that Sativa dom strains made me more confident and social.

    Medshed Well-Known Member

    Of the three strains you mentioned I'd go with White Widow. If you haven't bought the seeds yet, get Mr. Nice Black Widow - it is the original White Widow . I am susceptible to anxiety and paranoia when I smoke and Black Widow just puts me in the right place without the heavy eye that strong indicas deliver. Blue Dream is a good choice as well. I get a bit too spacey from it to be used on a regular basis though.

    meds215 Active Member

    Didn't see it posted but I just skimmed, OMRITA RX FTMFW!!!! I know exactly what you are talking about and it works for me, Omrita rx. Its kinda rare around here, I have been looking for a cut for a while but check it out when you do find it. Gets you high for a little while(30-45min) then its just hella chill after that.

    skuba Active Member

    Yeah I'm not saying smokin or meds won't help, because it might. just saying it won't eliminate the problem.skuba

    neonknight420 Active Member

    Og Kush and Bubba Kush are anti-anxiety strains.
    the tramp

    the tramp Member

    Blue Dream is a good choice. I've struggled with both general anxiety disorder and severe depression all my life, as well, and I personally grow/smoke Big Buddha Cheese (60-70 Indica/30-40 sativa depending on phenotype). Like Blue Dream, it has the best of both worlds, which is good for us with anxiety/depression. Kush usually makes me too sleepy to get things done...not sure why. Finishing BBC a bit early, it alleviates most all of my symptoms and helps me get work done with a smile. In your space, you'd probably want to clone and flower SOG from clone for BBC. Get off the pills, go natural...just use with moderation. ;)

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