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Stonerville420 Cab Grow from Seed

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by stonerville420, Jan 30, 2013.


    stonerville420 Member

    It's winter, and the boredom from not having a guerrilla type grow going has got me to start thinking about a small cab grow. Being that I don't have a pc laying around, or the motivation to getup
    and go find something suitable, I've settled on a small xerox paper box. I punched a hole for the cfl, rigged it up, and tossed a seed in a small pot, very simple. I lined the walls with flat white
    paper, and covered all light leaks. When the flowering starts, smell and airflow will become a small issue, I might punch out a small hole, and cover it with dryer sheets or a small carbon filter, and then punch out a smaller intake hole on the other side. I do not plan on using any sort of fan unless I find a pc fan or tiny desk fan on the cheap one day. We will get to that stage as we progress. :leaf: So, now that I have my small grow box assembled, I am patiently awaiting substantial growth. We are on day 7, a sprout has emerged, healthy, and I have already seen a second TRUE leafset. I tied her down a bit, LST is going to be the name of the game here, as I plan on having two separate branches on either side of the pot, utilizing the wide space in the xerox box. The cfl has been mounted along the back wall, directly in the center, if you can picture that.

    1 CFL 13w 6500 (Will later switch to 2700 or 3500 for Flowering)
    1 Bag Seed(Yes, I am praying for a Girl, Might throw a Second Plant Down as an insurance)
    1 Plastic Yogurt Container Pot, 1/2 Mix of Soiless and Worm Castings/ TopSoil

    So join me on my little Cab journey, pictures will be up next time I open up the box. Probably 2 days from now. I'm looking at probably like another 7 days in 24 hour veg, and then switch her to 12/12 for the remaining weeks. Unsure of strain obv. so we won't know how long the flowering time is here. :weed:

    newgrowr Active Member

    Didnt realy read the whole thing but ur gona need more then a 13watt cfl u need like 100watts per plant gl tho

    stonerville420 Member

    I will be adding light. At this time she is only a sprout, no need to waste the electricity.

    Exalter Member

    This is a very unique, budget grow. Kudos to you, and I'm curious to see pictures mate!

    bradderskush Active Member

    Whats the size of your box mate? Im also interested in seeing some pics, im subbed :D

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