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Sterilizing seeds

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by hampster, Jan 31, 2011.


    hampster Member

    Hi all.

    I've had a long fight with fusarium, and now I hope that I'm ready to start over in a new location.

    I have some seeds in the fridge that probably have been exposed to spores at some time, but they were seedbank orders so the exposure was only by airborne spores stemming from my inhouse infection as I packaged them for the fridge.

    I'd like to try to sprout them, but dare not do it unless they're properly surface sterilized first.

    Anyone got a procedure that'll do the trick - preferrably without killing off too many of the seeds?

    Bleach, h2o2, other, consentrations, soaking times etc etc?

    Thanks in advance.

    hampster Member

    A bump for the US shift.

    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    Unnecessary in my opinion, but I did find a short article...

    2. Sterilizing seeds for germination. A hypochlorite solution sold under the trade name "Chlorox" is easier to use than the bleaching powder solution. Field corn soaked in Chlorox solutions at 5% and stronger for 1/2 hour completely controlled the molds but reduced germination. There was very little mold and normal germination at 3% and also at 2%. For genetic material a solution of 2 cc. of commercial Chlorox to 100 cc. of water is recommended, soaking the grains for 1/2 hour. Other hypochlorite solutions are on the market but may vary in the % of the active ingredient.
    J. A. Rigney and C. R. Burnham

    hampster Member

    Thanks a lot purplehazin.

    Hehe unnecessary... ever seen fusarium?

    I thought not. It comes straight out of hell, I can tell ya.

    I got it from infected coco substrate after successful grows for years. It wiped me out totally, and I spent three years and 10's of thousands of dollars in replacing equipment, sterilizing, rebuilding and painting my entire house afterwards.

    I lost.

    So, I moved and tried again too soon. And there it was once more.

    I've now given it 5 years at my new location without any grows - that's how long the airborne spores can survive.

    So by now, I hope it's ok to try again... If not outside plants and herbs is susceptible to this strain of fusarium of course, and keeps re-infecting the area with spores.

    Google it, it has wiped out banana-cultivars, and laid entire districts waste of formerly productive crops ranging from cotton to wheat to tomatoes.

    It's from hell.
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    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    Oops I missed that the first time reading your post, yeah that does look awful. I would try getting new beans vs trying to sterilize them... plus, it's one more thing you can label as not being the cause of another outbreak. That shit lasts forever :(

    hampster Member

    Yeah I really should discard them, I know...

    Such a FUCKING shame though, to throw away a couple of thousands of dollars worth of original high-end strains...

    Several packs each of original BOG-stuff, Black Domina, Medicine Man, Super Silver Haze, Sweet tooth, C99, and what have you...

    I'll try with something new and locally purchased first, and if that's ok, I dare not sprout these and will throw them in the oven... Fuck it...

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