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    MrFlux Well-Known Member

    It's more a grow cabinet, here is what it looks like


    It looks exactly like an Ikea Pax wardrobe but it is in fact made from scratch from melaminated chipboard. It measures 120 cm wide, 60 deep and 210 high. Lets have a peek inside

    IMG_6179_1.JPG IMG_6166_1.JPG IMG_6176_1.JPG IMG_6211_1.JPG IMG_6208_1.JPG

    The flower room below is 120 cm high. On top of that there is a small machine room with all the electronics, the exhaust fan and storage for supplies. Next to that is the veg room which has a height and width of 80 cm. Air is pulled from the left bottom of the flower room, to the right bottom of the veg room and is then expelled via the ceiling of the machine room.
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    alwaysgreen420 Active Member

    That's pretty freakin cool. Very well thought through.

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    WDIK Active Member

    That's like opening the door to Narnia. :)
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    caretak3r Well-Known Member

    that, my friend, is a work of art. Saving as future reference design. A few questions - did you reinforce the material where the hinges are screwed down? If melaminated chipboard = particle board, then I'd expect problems with stripping problems. What are you using for light/air sealing? Do you mind sharing what fan/blower and filter you are using? Are those heatsinks or aluminum c-channel?

    KineBoisin420 Well-Known Member

    Great setup, m8! Curious if you're willing to tell us whats going on in your mech "room" with all those dials and knobs. I'm unsure what they are from the photos.
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    KineBoisin420 Well-Known Member

    What LED's are you running here? It looks like a custom job...did you create this from your own design/plan, or did you base yours off an existing plan? Been staring at your pics, so impressed!

    MrFlux Well-Known Member

    The hinges are from Ikea, the 18mm board material is also what Ikea uses. For sealing: silicon chaulk for the cracks inside and double opposing weather strips for the door. The exhaust fan is a Soler & Palau TD160 "Silent" and inside there are a bunch of 12cm PC fans. The heatsinks are aluminium T-profile, 30x30x3 mm, one meter long in the flower room and 66 cm in the veg room.
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    Gaius Active Member



    Badass cab you got going there MrFlux!

    MrFlux Well-Known Member

    The Narnia vibe is there alright, it's like opening another dimension. It's also the brightness inside makes it look much bigger than it is.

    The grow is started from seeeds from Female Seeds: 2x C99, 2x Lemon Kush and 2x ICE. Planted on dec 27 and, as planned, all broke soil on jan 1st.
    In 1 week intervals:
    IMG_5904_1.JPG IMG_5927_1.JPG IMG_5950_1.JPG IMG_6045_1.JPG IMG_6082_1.JPG

    The light for vegetation (4 weeks) and the first three weeks of flower is from selfmade arrays of Bridgelux Vero 10, 4000K COBs. I think the 4000K did a very good job of triggering the flowering, it started a bit slow but then there was an explosion of bud sites. At day 21F I turned on some red-white-blue arrays that I made before discovering the COBs. These arrays are made from cheap Chinese 3W LEDs and run on a very low current.

    Today is day 23F and there is a bit of a problem with the stretch. The highest top is now 2 cm away from the light bars
    IMG_6193_1.JPG IMG_6187_1.JPG
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    caretak3r Well-Known Member

    sorry if you've answered elsewhere, but I'm curious what what current you chose to run the vero10s?

    0xc0ffee Member

    Looks great. Wago Lever Nuts are the greatest thing since sliced bread, glad to see someone else using these little gems.
    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report Well-Known Member

    We love the Chronic...(what?)...cles of Narnia.

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    Gaius Active Member

    So fresh and so clean. You need a Scandinavian name for it now like it was sold at IKEA. How about "Blommor låda", meaning "flower box"? Hehehe ;)

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    Dude, awsome set-up. reminds me of my early days but this is ALOT cleaner...

    Increase air circulation to the bottoms of the plants and the root zone... i can see from your starting pic's that the bottoms of the plants have been thinned right out.... the plants would not be stretching if they had more undergrowth to support, since there is no growth on the bottom all of the nutrients are being directed to the tops of the plant...

    Easy fix: Increase air circulation to the lower growth and Pinch the new growth.
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    MrFlux Well-Known Member

    The Vero's are running a bit soft at 300-325mA. This makes it possible to cool them passively, although there is a massive wind blowing across them (generated by the 4 PC fans). I call this semi-passive cooling, meaning that the light will keep working when the active cooling should fail.


    Here are some details of one light bar. Just regular speaker wire is used. The ends are tinned, a simple red heat-shrink as polarity marking and then the little Wago 222 champion. I love these too 0xcoffee but my fingers don't since they are like little mouse traps. With these connectors it's very easy to experiment, like put a multimeter in there, or wire some panels in parallel.

    IMG_6212_1.JPG IMG_6214_1.JPG IMG_6217_1.JPG

    Keeping in style with Ikea names, i simply call it the "Kanna" :-)

    Thanks for the tip, will try the pinching on one plant and see how it goes. The air circulation should already be pretty good down there, judging from how the draft feels. There is a large temp drop at night so that will also stretch them. I can raise the lights a bit more but hope it won't be necessary.
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    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    That will stretch plants.... it's been getting down to -30C at night here, i had to put a 1200W heater into my grow room for the dark cycle. The babies literaly started turning yellow,purple and stretching for death :( On the plus side the heater fixed everything...

    I swear by pinching plants... all the benefits of topping without the stress or shock, they just keep on growing 5 mins after you pinch them off. start early in veg, and pinch until week 3 flowering, after that let the plants naturally fill out and you will end up with larger bushier plants... more bud from less height.
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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    thats a nice cabinet and awesome job on he lights... + rep
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    Kratose Well-Known Member

    Very good use of space. Interested to see how it produces.

    I hope you get some really nice bud pictures from them.

    frizzlegooch Well-Known Member

    Whats that bottle in the back right corner for?

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    Im going to make a guess based on color and composition... Yeast CO2? ive been wondering what it is too :D

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