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Stems are weak. Help!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Oh1bullitt, Dec 27, 2009.


    Oh1bullitt Member

    My plants grew to about ten inches pretty quick but the stems aren't strong enough to support the plant. How do I make the stem stronger. I have already had two die when they fell over. I attatched the other two that I have left to bamboo scewers. Could it be that they are still in 20oz cups? Haven't had the chance to transplat yet. Haven't gone and gotten the new buckets.

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    do you have a fan blowing on thhem to help make them strong.how is your ph. what is your grow room like. explain. and welcome to the site

    super2200 Well-Known Member

    transplant into pots and bury most of the stem. Then make sure you get a fan blowing on them and get the lights closer.

    Good luck, some pics would help

    growman09 Active Member

    Funk Doctor

    Funk Doctor Member

    double post.....
    Funk Doctor

    Funk Doctor Member

    like everyone has said, transplant and bury the stems, you can do a slight zig zig pattern when burying it to save space, then a gentle fan on them, and most importantly to stop it agian get better lights or move them closer

    JanecommaMary Well-Known Member

    add 2700k cfls, the warm lights wavelengths actually target strengthening the stems, (which is why we use them during flowering --so the buds dont make the plant fall over) putting two or three of those by your plant should be very helpful and youll get a strong trunk. and yes, you should also transplant your plant now into a bigger pot, much bigger than 20oz. its going to be very root bound if you leave it in there

    pokesalotasmot Well-Known Member

    You are using the wrong lights and/or don't have them close enough. What lights are you using? You will get best results in veg using a MH light, or using 6500k cfls. Stay away from incandescents and halogen lights.

    Like others have said, transplant your seedlings into different pots, and bury the stems deeper, up to the first set of leaves. It won't hurt the plant; it will eventually grow roots from the buried stem. Also, put a fan on them, the wind will help strengthen the stems.

    Oh1bullitt Member

    Thank you for everyones input. I have transplanted them into larger pots and the dirt is up to the first set of leaves. I now have a gentle breeze on them. I am using incandescent grow lights right now. I have them a few inches above the plant. One for each plant. My ph is right around 7 from what my meter says. Any extra advice is much appreciated.

    mjdudeist Active Member

    can you tell me if 85 watt and 65k daylight and 85 watt 30k warm cfl's wiil due the job in a closet grow? my main stem is strong but some of branches are week. and i do have a fan on the plant.

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