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Stems and Leaves, Can they get you high?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by RogueGunslinger, Dec 14, 2008.


    RogueGunslinger Active Member

    Just curious, could you Pull a leaf or two off, dry it out and smoke it to get high? Can you do this during Veg? Can you do it during Flowering?

    GardenGrow Active Member

    for the leaves here and there i trim i just nibble on the stems for taste or put them in tea. but i dont think that during veg any of the leaves or stems would get you high but during flower when they have thc crystals on them then they will get you high just not like the buds will.

    RogueGunslinger Active Member

    Oh, Another question: Does eating buds get you as high as smoking them? Are they bad to eat?

    strangerdude562 Well-Known Member

    If you make tea out of the soil, that shit fucks you up.
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    buggs bunny

    buggs bunny Well-Known Member

    yeah higher,it just takes a gram just to get high all day

    GardenGrow Active Member

    strait up eating a bud would not get you very high. putting it in a weed recipe like weed butter for example is one of the most efficient ways to get thc out of weed, relative to pipes bongs and joints.
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    brinkaumn Active Member

    I know most people on here will disagree, with that said, YES they can make you high. Once I quickdried up some late-veg leaves and loaded the bong. No headache as some people on here say you might get, but they tasted horrible, really really horrible. But they made us high. Not superhigh though. Later on we smoked leaves from a finished plant, dried them properly for months (this was after all the buds were smoked up), worked very well and didnt taste as bad, just a little bad :)

    mj402000 Active Member

    You could pull it off during flowering not veg because in that stage there is no trichs. But if you pulled stuff early n didn't let it properly dry it would taste nasty as hell and wouldnt get you nearly as high as if you waited. As far as eating leaves you cant. It needs to heat up to a certain temperature to react. Thats why you burn it or cook it .:joint:

    RogueGunslinger Active Member

    Here I though cooking it had to do with the fat in butter, and how thc bonds to it or something.

    g13toker Well-Known Member

    hahha smoke some stalks for a nice headache

    why the hell wuld u want to pull a leave of when u have bud waiting just be patient and wait for the whole harvest from the plant
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    RogueGunslinger Active Member

    Due to a nute deficiency I had a couple leaves die and fall off at the base. That's why. But you go right on assuming shit.

    Sniper19 Well-Known Member

    what i do i save all my stems for when i have enough i put it in with my tea.. but make sure to make the tea first before you put the stems or else the tea bag will absorb it all.. but its a good high

    puckfan07 Active Member

    Leary Cracker!!! my buddies and I discovered it online a while back. its awesome. all you do is take a cracker, some cheese or peanut butter, and a nug. and then you put it in the oven at 320 deg F for around 20 minutes and you get high as a fucking kite. its just as good as edibles but may taste a little weird and have an interesting texture, but its great because you can make them one by one instead of an entire batch of cookies or brownies

    mj402000 Active Member

    haha well at least now you know:leaf:

    superdankenstine Member

    You cant get high off leaves in the veg stage, the best thing to do though is save all your trimmings and fan leaves cook them down with Alcohol and make thc oil, dankest shit ever. and you cant get high off just eating raw bud but cooking it activates the thc

    Budsmokayo New Member

    You guys are wrong. Smoking leaves right now. Good high. You can get high off of stems too. No headaches here. Every part of the marijuana plant has good wholesome THC.

    Roobarb Well-Known Member

    They must be some awesome leaves. You do realise this thread is 8years old. I bet you smoke seeds too
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    ChewChellios Active Member

    Just watch this.

    lostintime420 Active Member

    firstly people will tell you things as if they are facts which are not true. if you really wanna know? try it for yourself. the answer is YES they will. assuming you have no tolerance and have not smoked in a while. if your plant has hairs on it, and you see any signs of trichormes forming on the leaves near the buds, then they are potent, and males you can smoke male leaves too they acutally get you just as high as regular pot and the pollen too. the trick is, and this is to be done precisely, heat actually converts non psychoactive cannabinoids to psychoactive ones to pick your peaves, take your hands and break them into smaller pieces, ball, them up break em into little pieces and sprinkle them out on a paper plate then put them under a light close but not too close. let them get dry but not too dry, if you do it just right they'll be potent as fuck. and people on here will tell you its hogwash but if you want proof for yourself, try it and youll see. but like i said you gotta have no tolerance and the under the light heat trick works.

    lostintime420 Active Member

    he's right they work. it's idiotic to believ leaves wont get you high if you've never tried it. if you havnt smoked in a month, get some leeaves, heat em un der a lamp until theyre dry ( not too long) and smoke em. youll be high and all these morons out there will still insist that you can't get high on leaves simply because everyone says it , so it must be true. same with hemp you can get high on hemp. male pollen is almost 100% psychoactives. regular hemp is not the same as industrial grade hemp its not breed for low potency if you get regular seeds from the uk or spain or we of some white widow and grow em into regular, you can get high as shit for a loooong time. so all you peopel who think you cant ge high on leaves and are throwin em away could be blazin when your out of buds. all parts of the cannabis plant contains thc. you really think there no thc in anytnhing but the buds? hows the thc get to the buds without being anywhere else in the plant? lol

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