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Stem rot? Need help with clones...

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by AngelTits, Aug 15, 2008.


    AngelTits Active Member

    I am an experienced grower. but an in experienced cloner! I have been having a hell of a time cloning my Bogglegum mamas i have tried every 2 weeks and it seems hardly any survive out of 40 clones. I have noticed alot of the time the stem turns kind of black. plus once the 2 weeks is up i pull them up thinkin they are not gunna root and the bottom of the stem is turned to mush. I use olivas rooting gel, keep under compact flour, cut at an angle and use scarification method. I also clone in peat pellets considering i have had the most success with those. some one please help. sorry if i should have put this in plant problems section wasn't sure. Also question is it help ful to use Oxygen Plus added to ur water when watering clones? If you use a humidity dome should peat pellets stay wet and not need water for a week straight? cause mine won't dry out

    nemad Well-Known Member

    my first clone started to show roots today. it has been in water about ~2 to 3 weeks. i just cut it and placed it in cup with tap water.

    i dont have any rooting hormone, but roots grows without them too ;)

    nemad Well-Known Member

    btw, it grows on my window without high humidity.

    M4A1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I have noticed the clones I have taken right before they start to root it looks like warts or looks kinda mushy. I use rootone powder when doing my clones. I just keep misting them and roots will pop out. Just keep a it. Thats not stem rot. thats roots about to come out. As far as turning black that maybe stem rot, but when it looks like warty or mushy as you put it roots are not far behind. Atleast thats what I have seen when I have taken clones.

    AngelTits Active Member

    i know you can grow with just water but my setup is a little larger i try to turn out about 40 clones every 2 weeks and having to do 40 of them in water seems like a pain in the ass ( having to keep the water level right on all of them, maybe im wrong bout that.

    AngelTits Active Member

    i had to bump this cause i didn't really get the answer i was looking for
    Golden Ray

    Golden Ray Well-Known Member

    I use to have a hard time cloneing, then I purchased a clone dome and a tray inside that kept my Peat moss from getting soaked, I flood between tray and set on a heat mat, the Humidity kept leaves moist, and I would check the peat moss for dryness, if they where DRY I would squirt water on them for the roots, just a little.

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