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Stellar BHO Recipe!

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by Robfather, Dec 23, 2012.


    Robfather Active Member

    Step 1: If you grow, get an electric coffee bean grinder and grind the shit out of your bud-leaf/trim and collect the thc crystals.
    Step 2: Do a run of BHO with just the crystals, let the oil fall into a bowl of warm water.
    Step 3: Collect BHO from top of warm water
    Step 4: Stir up oil and drain excess water​
    Step 5: Get fucking high!!!!

    (Stock photo)

    Sorry if this has been posted already. I took a quick look and couldn't find this exact technique explained here. Hopefully this makes someones life a little more frosted. Good luck :D
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    buster8813 Active Member

    Perfect timing for me. Gonna be making some shortly. Can you solidify the bho into a ball or shape by chance?
    Dank Raptor

    Dank Raptor Active Member

    Wrong info being given. Hopefully someone will explain...

    Robfather Active Member

    Why don't you explain then? Especially if your going to call me out as being wrong.

    Robfather Active Member

    Making it with the thc crystals gives it a super sticky consistency. Makes it hard to play with

    biglungs Active Member

    i assume he is referring to u blasting directly into water. why do that? boiling point of tane is super low water takes forever to dry up

    rollNfattys420 Well-Known Member

    you should just let it drip into a glass pan, in a bigger pan that has some hot water in it, right?

    stumps Well-Known Member

    I let mine drain into a Pyrex plate and put the plate over a bowl of hot water. Gasses off fast. no water in oil.

    Indagrow Well-Known Member

    You can do it with water or in a pan as you said.. I have never done the water method so can't comment on it besides that it dose work.. I blast into a Pyrex dish in floating in a pan or hot water let it all settle.. Then put the Pyrex over boiling water and whip it with a paper clip to get the rest out... Then you have oil.

    I take it one step further and get it good and hot after I have whipped it then put it in my vacume chamber at 25 foot pounds pressure to draw the rest of the bubbles out, that's how I get my honeycomb structure

    Robfather Active Member

    Oil/thc and water don't mix. The oil sits on top of the water and the warm water evaporates the butane instantly. Much easier to pull one big glob of oil off the top of water rather than using a razor blade to scrape a glass plate :D

    @Indagro: I am totally going to try the vacume chamber, Very interesting.

    Indagrow Well-Known Member

    It's pretty crazy I usually run it twice once it cools and the viscosity increases not much movement occurs but that honeycomb oil is more of a novelty item it looks cool and is just more pure I would say.. I notice my yields go down the more I run it wight wise which kinda make sense as it smells like weed so something must be evaporating off it... I don't get oil anymore it's all earwax all day overhere

    Robfather Active Member

    There is a very small amount of water that sticks to the oil, but if you stir it up for 2 seconds you can just pour it off. Afterwards, you just have a very small ring of oil to clean off the bowl. 2 reasons I like this method is the ease of obtaining the bho after. And 2, nothing is wasted or sticks to the plate and clean up is easy. The color of running pure thc is almost translucent with a tinge of gold. I personally have never seen anyone do it this way nor have I seen the same quality. :wink::peace:

    iSmokealottaweed Active Member

    Not a good method at all in my opinion and from experience. The last thing you want in your oil/budder/wax/shatter etc is moisture. And to top that off you didn't even vacuum purge meaning you 100% for sure have solvents in your product still.

    The proper way is to grab a pyrex dish with a layer of parchment paper/oil slick inside or a silicone baking tray and blast into that. Have that either sitting on a griddle at low heat or in another tray with warm water in it (You want your dish around 110-130 degrees for blasting) Blast into your dish and let sit on the griddle or hot water bath until you have a thick gooey consistency. At that point scrape things up or fold into place if using parchment paper or oil slick.

    Than put that in your vacuum chamber with the oil at a temp of around 150-165 degrees or when malleable. Then vac to 25-29hg (depending on pump) and purge until your product holds steady at room temps. That's a quick overview of how to properly make quality BHO..

    However BHO kinda sucks in comparison to a true "Ice Wax" which is solvent-less and smokes much smoother with a full flavor. Bho will come and go. True hash has been around forever and now Ice wax is killing it in the scene.


    Robfather Active Member

    Well the boiling point of butane is -1 degrees C. That means that the solvents are all gone by the time your finished. The fluid oil afterwards contains no byproducts as long as your using the correct butane. Same as if your blasting it into a dry bowl then heating it up to release the last of the butane.`As far as ice wax, you'll note from my profile that I am more than familiar with the benefits and the best way to prepare it. This isn't a comparison thread, Just a different way to make bho using only thc crystals.
    Tell you what. Try it, if your unhappy then you ski for free next time you come to Whistler, Canada. For real :D

    Edit: This recipe only works with pure butane. I'm assuming thats what everyone uses

    ru4r34l Well-Known Member

    I'll take that deal, I am in whistler lots ;-)


    iSmokealottaweed Active Member

    You don't get it.

    You have solvents and butane trapped inside of the oil itself that without Vacuum purging will always be there. Yes butane has a very low boiling point that far below room temps but it gets trapped in the product itself do to its viscosity. As for quality butane yes you can use Dodo/Newport or Vector instead of the Power 5x and 7x which is known to contain paraffin and leave behind solvents. Go do some research and get back to me. You will see i'm only trying to help you not make you look dumb.

    Once purged properly you will a quality product like this (Two examples)

    iSmokealottaweed Active Member

    What do you consider "Pure Butane"? N-Tane?

    Robfather Active Member

    I'm open minded, don't get me wrong. Just the first time anyone ever said this was a bad idea, and I'm not exactly new to the game. I am having a hard time finding mention of impurity residue.

    I get my Butane from the same place I get my CO2. It's 99.7% pure.

    The stuff I end up with has the consistency of warm caramel but with a lighter color. Similar to your second picture.
    By all means, educate me if I'm wrong, I'm not trying to sell my method. Just trying to provide people with a different way of making bho

    Edit: Not worried anyone is going to make me look dumb my friend.

    Robfather Active Member

    Been working for Intrawest/KSL for too long. Still, I'm glad I can ski to work everyday

    biglungs Active Member

    i am well aware that thc and h2o dont mix that is why i keep them separate from each other. oil blasted into water sizzles on the nail and is harsher IMO i dont make it this way but my friend does

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