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    I recently picked up a StealthGrow SG602 LED panel to build out my new medical marijuana grow and see if the new generation of LED panels will meet my expectations. I have 20+ years of experience growing with HIDs and flouros, from small cabinets to a 3000 sq' 20K watt commercial facility (Colorado legal). I'll be straight up though, I need convincing. I've done HIDs forever, and while I'm a tech geek and stay on top of technology, I wasn't impressed with LED grows in 2010 and early 2011. it seems they may have improved a lot. after talking to the reps at SG indepth about the technology and where they have come with it, I figured it was time to try one out. my space requires a low thermal footprint due to high temps in spring-fall and this was also a determining factor in the purchase (my 1000w HID heats up the room to 98deg. the SG602 I have to add heat to get it to an optimal 79deg) - they say the 602 has a similar thermal signature to a human body, so a FLIR camera shouldn't be able to pinpoint a grow in theory. I thought about the 1250HO model, with it's larger LEDs, but I think it would be overkill for my small space and the cost was a little more daunting (if I still had my warehouse, I'd give em a run for sure).

    I'm also using herb.IQ for plant/data tracking and will upload the end results when i'm done with this first run.

    The lowdown:
    (marketing copy/paste from their site)
    SG 602
    • Wattage – 600 Watts; actual power draw 400 watts*
    • 1.5 amps @ 220V; 3 amps @ 110V
    • Spectrum of Light - 455-475nm, 620-630nm, 660nm
      and bright white
    • Optimal Area of Coverage – 3' x 3'
    • Lifespan – 50,000-100,000 hours
    • Dimensions – 13" x 19" x 4"
    • Number of LEDs – 270
    • LED Chip Power – 2 and 3 Watt Hi-power LED Chips**
    [TD]The SG 602 is now 25% brighter! It has proven to produce comparable yields and distinctly better quality than a 1000watt HPS bulb. The SG 602 has long been Stealth Grow's bread-and-butter product. Start seeing improved results with the SG 602 today!

    The rooms:
    Veg: 4bulb T5 set up vertically in a 2.5' x 2.5' space.
    Feb 2012 (58).jpg

    Flowering: SG602 LED in a 2.5' x 6.5' space.
    View attachment 2080459

    for this grow, i'll be growing out one of my favorite strains. my cut of Durban Poison is ... unique .... she has a terpine profile that will knock your socks off and she has an aphrodisiac quality to her as well. I have yet to find a better Durban anywhere. Yields are very good and I have a lot of data on the backend to compare. I will also be running a few Durban feminized that I made and a couple AK47s.

    I found a couple youtube vids they did as well, informative and interesting:

    the penetration levels I find very interesting and look forward to seeing how the lower buds compare to the upper canopy. again, I know the durban very well and will be able to see the differences.

    so ... I recieved my SG602 on 2/24. Packaging was done very well, packed with a few inches of styrobeans around each side. comes packaged with a manual, power cord, wire hangers for the 4 corner posts and 4 quick clips (IMO, these should be beefed up a little - the hook on the wires seems like it could bend out, not a good possible scenario. I swapped them out with real closed-loop steel connectors.)
    View attachment 2080508 View attachment 2080509 View attachment 2080510

    my initial plan was to test the 602 against an HID for direct comparisons, but I found the heat loads to be WAY to much for my equip to handle. so i'm going to just run em under the 602 LED and compare yield/grow data from my HID runs.

    these are initial veg growth pics (1000w HID 1st pic. within days of the other pic). from my reading and talking to SG, transitioning from an HID to LED will take a few days to a week for the plants to adjust and start showing normal growth/vigor. I can certainly say they are very happy with the spectrum and growth has been comparable to an HID easily.
    View attachment 2080536 View attachment 2080537

    these are timelined, so you get an idea of growth.
    View attachment 2080545 View attachment 2080546 View attachment 2080547 View attachment 2080548 View attachment 2080549

    The room was flipped to 12/12 last week, so the game begins!!

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    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    Awesome, glad to see the stealth grow in use. Always wondered how theyd do. Might just be me, but none of the pics came through?

    jubiare Active Member

    Double check your uploaded pics, they won't open here.

    Nice one, best of luck.

    One suggestion about lower temps, you should add some more light instead of using a heater.

    You could use maybe 4 energy saving 35w halogen (they stand for 50w), that route you'd get some far reds to add to your spectrum.

    Or 2, 4 cfl's ... neutral or warm white ...... or some selfballast screw induction lights.. something like 40w each

    or a mix of the above so you can decide what works better.

    Anyway that's just a suggestion, interested in what happens with your sg602 (never seen a journal I think)

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    the attachements thing looks like it changed recently, don't remember having to do 1/2 the steps it seems to take now. i'll get used to it :)

    jubaire: I really just wanted to do this test to see what the LED will do, without additional lighting to mess up the data. after this run I may consider additional lighting, but we'll see what the data says :)

    eyecandi Well-Known Member


    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    growth has been averaging @ 3/4" per day vertically, but the bushing is much more. I'm very happy so far with the growth patterns and colors. i'll let the pic updates say the rest

    100_4107.jpg 100_4111.jpg 100_4113.jpg

    jubiare Active Member

    what's your temperatures in there?

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    during lights on, temps are 81deg max during lights on (nite time on cycle from 8pm to 8am. outside temps as low as 30's at nite, averaging 50s now).

    i'll be installing a light rail tomorrow, should optimize the space beautifully
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    NeWcS Active Member

    Being an LED grower and being in the same city; Think Ill follow along

    knnthc93 Active Member

    Down with this!

    jubiare Active Member

    81 lights on is good, you should see the light performing its full potential with that temps (lower temps is whY I suggested supplenting)

    knnthc93 Active Member

    The bushing of the plant is pretty impressive. Cant wait till flowering starts

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    nice going so far eyecandi im subed to see how things go for ya :D

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    come check my grow in my sig got some new panels in that are pretty sweet :D

    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    Hows the growth?

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    time for the weekly updates :)

    Changes: added the light rail and it was a perfect addition to the room, covering every corner and the full length of the room. dropped the light from 12" to @ 6" above the canopy, been that way for a week and they seem pretty happy. no bleaching, burning (wouldn't expect any, there is NO heat touching the glass) or odd coloration.

    the bad: flowering start was a bit slow IMO, so I investigated and found a light leak from my veg room to the flowering room (it's a new build), I repaired it this weekend, but I'm 90% sure this delayed/slowed my flowering start. should be all good now and budding is starting to show.

    the good: I'm very happy with growth so far. averaging 3/4"-1" of vert growth daily and very very nice coloring, they really like the spectrum IMO.


    100_4142.jpg 100_4139.jpg 100_4137.jpg 100_4134.jpg 100_4127.jpg 100_4122.jpg 100_4120.jpg

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    looking very good and a light rail to boot ! top notch man perfect addition for sure , how much the rail set ya back?

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    it cost me nada! a friend let me borrow it for this test run, gotta give it back afterwards :( looks like it'll be @ $140 to replace it

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    sweet man est price is free even if it is a trial run :D

    Psytranceorgy Active Member

    very nice eyecandi! Beautiful plants, subbed for the show =D

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