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Stealth harvesting techniques searched on 5 forums and haven't seen a topic on this!

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Mariano Gomes, Jan 30, 2018.

    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    Do you get to fuck her?
    Budzbuddha and Grandpapy like this.
    Mariano Gomes

    Mariano Gomes Member

    LOL probably if i was on acid i would

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Tell her its cilantro....

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Jeezus .... BWHAHAHAHA

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Really their is no need .... just tell her to go get the paper , slam door and lock.
    Stupid simple
    Mariano Gomes

    Mariano Gomes Member

    ROFL wish I could with no repurcussions
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Depends on where you live. In a lot of places she is a tenant, and you can't just evict her on the spot. You may need to give her written notice with lead time. Check with a real estate lawyer.

    But it sounds like an ugly scenario. Older. Nosy. Unfriendly acquaintances. Knows you have bricks of hash. And an employee.

    Once you make the decision, make sure your house is drug free from before you tell her until well after she is gone.........
    Mariano Gomes

    Mariano Gomes Member

    Oh damn thanks for pointing this out. I need to clean up first! :)

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