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Stealth Grow Box

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by rielthing69, Oct 2, 2006.


    rielthing69 Active Member

    Does anyone have experience or knowledge with stealth grow boxes. Was thinking bout buying one for garage and stealth is key! Newbie first timer with no idea what the hell I'm doing but tired of street prices! Thanks all

    tahoe58 Well-Known Member

    hey man, guess we're looking for the same thing. I am also new to this but have spent a while now reading and trying to learn from others mistakes. Seems to me there are a number of routes to go, build ur own or buy complete mini cabs (miniature cabinets). The decision seems to be how much money and time you have and maybe how handy you are with doing ur own thing.

    My thinkinng at the moment is to get a small ready made cabinet, and place a self contained hydro kit inside with the appropriate lighting and fans, etc. But I am still learning

    I posted a thread on Indoor to try and get others to provide their input as well, but was thinking maybe we should combine these two threads and each benefit. Bit I'm not sure how to do this....

    Teknique70 Well-Known Member

    Buy a cabinet and get one of these things Im trying out. I am a newbie who needs stealth as well. Check out my profile and pics

    OmegaVermelho Well-Known Member

    All i know is that some of them are really expensive but produce very good results...

    thetaPrime Active Member


    tahoe58 Well-Known Member

    hey thetaPrime....that's quite cool. thanks....

    rhino4life Active Member

    why not build a room that can be locked? you can build to any specs! even if the garage is rented.......its a tool room, right?

    crickitmd Well-Known Member

    hell yea man thats always a choice, theres plans on how to make a lil room like that on here.

    Joyride Active Member


    magic2o88 Active Member

    has anyone ever used the hydroponic grow box from homegrown - hydroponics and if so how well did it work ?

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    Most stealth boxes will not grow you anything worthwhile if you're tired of paying street prices.

    420greenthumb420 Active Member

    Why would you say that? I have had great success with grow boxes as well as many others on this board.... Looks to me Homegrown Hydroponics is about as good as they get.
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Yeah theres nothing wrong with grow boxes. They will not give you shit if you are new and have no idea what your doing, just as anything else would. But a stealth box or contained grow is easier to maintain in my opinion.

    jameraquanza Well-Known Member

    I grow all of my weed in a stealth pc grow box i got from www.pcgrowcase.com, and average about an ounce per month. So far i've grown orange kush, whitewidow, lowryder#1, lowryder#2 and lowryder ak47...the lowryder strains are the easiest to grow and give a perfect high if you harvest when the trichomes are clear to milky.

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    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Hey man, I grow in home built cabinets. Pictures of that and my past and present grows are in my journal (link in sig). I think confined space grows can be fairly stealthy and productive. You have to figure out what kind of space you need to produce the amounts you desire. Ive seen rubbermaid bin grows on here and other sites that looked incredible.'

    As far as pre-baught... I think most are less than stealthy and way over priced.

    jameraquanza Well-Known Member

    Yeah stealth is the way of the future for people who have to hide it and just want smoke for themselves and a couple friends. I thought of putting together a dresser droors grow, but it isnt practical for me because of space...People dont pay any attention to me having 3 computers in my room and the one person who did, i just told them i run a web server, but really no one asks is my point....as far as them being stealth they are, except if i turn all the lights out in my room while my boxes are growing you can see little light cracks which i fix by not turning my light off in my room at night if someone is going to be there...

    Nice grows btw

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Mine isnt as stealth as a pc case but it does the job. I have plans to build a custom super stealth cabinet in the future. I learn more and more from every grow I do in the small space. Nothing is impossible, it just takes time to dial it in when you have to overcome certain obstacles. :)
    green thumb matt

    green thumb matt Active Member

    dude i made a pepsi machine with a lamp coming out of the top. it was about 3 feet high and 1.5 feet across. I put a power strip inside and had a buncha CFL's. i used a 2 lever system so no one could open it with out doing the levers. Just be creative.

    pbawesome New Member

    hey man i like your idea very much. Now i do actually run webservers. So i already have 3 computers (real computers) running in my basement. I have 3 more computer cases that are very tall and very big. I am going to construct my own because i don't have $495. Im going to put an air purifier.

    Just one question what do you put the plants in as a growing medium???
    and is it possible to make a reservoir and pump in one case and make the growing tray in another without getting light out through cracks???

    I like this idea very much

    pbawesome New Member

    what is that box you used to keep the soil (i think) in please let me know i am so excited about this... and my friends cant be like why do you have marijuana growing in your closet... you know what i mean

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