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Stealth Cabinet! Need help with design!

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by Jenkins09, Dec 31, 2012.


    Jenkins09 Member

    Hey first time poster! Love the site, done a ton of research to try and do this properly and just thought I'd come here and post what I want to do and get some solid feed back! Looking to turn this cabinet into a stealth cabinet, so lowest possible noise, smell and electric bills possible! I'd realistically like to do 4-5 plants under a 400W HPS, all reflective with mylar or something similar. Currently I have a Model VTX 400 4" inline fan that was given to me so I plan to put a carbon filter on it obviously to reduce smell and hopefully this will really help. So now with these pictures comes design of how to put it all together with your guys knowledge of where everything should go. Just going from how I'd like to design it and maybe I'm completely wrong but id like the carbon filter and inline fan to be in the bottom underneath the main cabinet, obviously they will be fake cabinets and everything hollow inside. The plants will go in the top main cabinet and was thinking of making holes going into the lower cabinet for the pots to sit in to give more room for growing. As for fans i was thinking of hooking up some computer fans on the side, so curious how many and where is best to put them. Another big problem is venting, so where and how could i go about getting air into the cabinet and getting air out without smell and keeping the temperature and humidity of the cabinet at a perfect growing atmosphere. So those are a few questions I have, I'm sure ill have a ton more soon enough and will be checking religiously and posting! Thanks in advance guys for any help!! oh ya and for budget I'd like to keep it around 300-400 max. IMG_1021.jpg IMG_1022.jpg IMG_1023.jpg IMG_1024.jpg

    rooky1985 Active Member

    Nice stealth space I did the same thing when I started tons of research.

    1. Use CFLs for lighting
    2. For ventilation I would cut a hole on the bottom of one side and a hole in the top of the other side and install cpu fans on the inside of the cabinet over the holes. Bottom hole being air in and top hole being air out.
    3. odor Control Within budget would be to tape a dryer sheet over the exaughst hole
    4. Use soil as a medium
    5. Get a digital thermometer
    6. The most important keep researching and learning.

    Jenkins09 Member

    Hey thanks for the quick response! Great idea about the dryer sheets, that's definitely going into my grow book! Was also looking at these http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_p...=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=MOSO&node=2619533011. I've been looking at the post on CFL's, but from what I've read you can get a better yield from a nice 400W HPS on top, and was thinking maybe for side lighting doing a cfl or two in the middle on the side. Yep definitely getting a digital thermometer and some PH testing stuff. Do you thinking the intake fan will do the job? and also, should i run some ducting up the side and put it near the top by the light, always see that in pictures... not sure, or just have the inline sucking air in from the bottom into the carbon underneath with a small vent on the back to release air. and should i have air intakes on the top?

    rooky1985 Active Member

    If you have to keep the doors closed during the lights on cycle then a 400 is gonna get kind of hot unless you get a cool tube and an inline high cfm fan(But the Budget may not allow). With the intakes where I suggested I was figuring on a low heat cfl grow. I like the Moso but you do not want to impede your exhaust capability as this will inhibit heat transfer. I never put air intakes on the top as heat rises maybe for exhaust. If you can leave the cabinet open when the lights are on a 400 would deff. be the best option.

    zat Active Member

    I think your biggest challenge will be heat as well especially if using a 400w HPS. Intake on bottom, exhaust on top and obviously exhaust out of the cabinet. Different PC fans have different cfm ratings, get the highest you can find. You can also make a carbon filter for under $20 that works for small grows. Here's a link: http://www.rollitup.org/do-yourself/101248-best-diy-ez-walmart-carbon.html

    I always suggest this but once you have everything you think you need, set it all up (no plants yet) and test temps/humidity w/lights on. Better to address heat issues before getting your girls started.

    rooky1985 Active Member

    I agree deffinate heat issues runing a 400 with doors closed.

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    did you try to google it ?

    cabinet-grow.jpg GrowBox9.jpg dresser-stealth-grow-cabinet.jpg indoor-hyrdoponic-grow-cabinet-all-inclusive-stealth-e945.jpg 182-160512214941-154911870.jpeg

    lot of inspirations, but no matter what you want a cool tube/hood on that 400W/4" vent. or you will struggle with high temps in there, that is my best advice, with a nice cool hood on you will also be able to keep the light much closer to the plants, not a bad thing considering the space you have to work with, beside the obviously better/stronger light you can provide to your plants

    also look in to Scrog or LST metods as training is a must IMO in a small cabinet like yours ..

    might also what to check this out:


    if the 4-5 plants in that space is what your looking for ? or I would stick to one or two plants in there ..

    D.tea Active Member

    I'm jealous! that's a nice space you've got your eyes set on. As a CFL grower that makes my eyes light up! you should definitely consider it. For sure a 400w will give you a greater yield and all that jazz, but bigger light, bigger problems. Keeping it simple with CFL's in tight stealth spaces is definitely the best option if stealth is the ultimate goal. Also, with a budget like that you could have one hell of a CFL grow.

    You could be running 400w of CFL and with some good SCROG or LST tricks you could have one hell of a grow. One I'd certainly be subb'd up for!
    Anyway, interested to see how your build goes so keep us informed!

    Jenkins09 Member

    Hey sorry guys, a ton of family shit just came up, I should be posting some more info and updates in about a week. Thanks again everyone for the information!

    Fyremann619 Active Member

    cooling a 400w in that space is possible as im doing it in about the same space. I have a little more height. Not cheap though. You will definitely have to run a cool tube or vented hood. my setup is not ideal but still works I have some changes planned. check out my journal thing for some pics of mine. similar to a cabinet posted above.

    also run your 12 hours of light at night it will help with the highs and lows.

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