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starting seeds under 600 watt hps

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Dowd1, Sep 13, 2010.


    Dowd1 Well-Known Member

    I recently tried to find out info on starting sprouts under a 600watt hps.I found conflicting answers,and decided to try for myself.i started some seeds in some rapid rooter plugs.when the sprouts were 1/4" tall i put them under the hps light.My light was almost 3 feet away,and my sprouts have taken off.
    Why do people post what they dont know for fact.One post said "never start sprouts under hid lighting,it will burn them up"One post said "it might be ok just make sure the light is 4' away".another one said to start them off under floros and grow them out a bit.well under floros the sprouts try to stretch too much and almost always fall over.under the hid they dont try to stretch to the light because there is plenty of lumens.so if you are trying to mimick outdoor conditions then your seeds should start off like they would outside.You dont start seeds under a florecent light before you plant outside,so why would you do it for an indoor grow?
    just my two cents

    dog Well-Known Member

    i do start mine under CFL's but earlier this year i started from seed under my 600w HPS, had to keep the light over 2,1/2 feet above my plants but it work very well, and i did not get all the stretching, that i was told id get under an HPS.

    Scopse Active Member


    im literally brand new to all this so excuse my noobfag-ness. But I've started 3 off under a 600w HPS and after 7 days (since germination) they are all this big:

    I can only assume that HPS is working okay? You can see how far from the light they are....

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    firstgrowtime Well-Known Member

    It all comes down to personal experience and thats why there are many conflicting answers...i had same prob as OP with all the different opinions and in the end i saw that it came down to how the grower makes use of whatever light he/she uses.....my lil input?:)

    growweedtoday Active Member

    You have to realize that many factors are different between different grow areas. If your grow room is really hot, you may need to keep the lights either closer or further away in order to provide your plant with optimal growth. Some people have really good experiences with floros too. With the new High Output T5s, some people even successfully use fluorescents to flower their girls in a ScoG setup. Another factor that causes differint opinions is each person's different equipment quality and age. If somene buys an HPS light off eBay that's already a year or two old, their lights are giving off way less light than someone who bought the same model of HPS light brand new, or someone who bought new bulbs for their HPS. All these sort of differing factors cause people to give differing advice. Advice can be really helpful, but your best bet is to take cultivation advice with a grain of salt, and try to verify what works for you in your setup.
    Penni Walli

    Penni Walli Member

    i don't know but i'm getting stretching from my 400hps, i even made a thread about it looking for people who veg with hps and had success. You say you have your light at 3 feet away, thats how far i have mine and i still get stretching, i just lowered to 26 inch, well see if this helps.

    Dowd1 Well-Known Member

    Your babies look good. im now day 19 and mine are 3.5 inches tall working on there 3rd set of true leaves.just watch your leafs and dont over fert.Oh and ive moved my light closer,but i also have a cooling intake fan that actually pulls air through my house central air return,basically 77 degree air being blown over the tops of my plants,allowing me to move closer.If you stick your hand at the hieght of your plant tops and your hand doesnt start to burn after a couple minutes you will be ok. if your arm burns to any degree you are to close especially for babies

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    if you have the extra room it's fine, waste of energy & light if that's all your using it for is seedlings.

    Dowd1 Well-Known Member

    As far as i know its not the hps that is causing the stretch.Its could be one of a few things.If your plants are in veg state then you should be able to put your 400 to almost 1-1.5 feet away with good ventilation to the light.This is one way to slow down stretch.
    The temp of the nutes and root system are a factor as well.If the temps are a little high (close to 80 degrees) you will get stretch.If you can controll temps in the root zone (I.e. nutrient temps closer to 70 degrees )this is another way to slow stretching.
    If its in the plants genes to grow tall. there is really nothing you can do short of toping and pruning.But its not because your using a hps versus a Mh.

    Dowd1 Well-Known Member

    I get better results growing my seedlings under a hps so far, than any floro system ive seen.And noone ever said it was just for seedlings,but you got to start somewhere,not everyone gets to start with clones, and if you got the light why not use it

    Mattness7 Member

    Hey I'm starting my seedlings with my 1000 watt hps
    how far away should my light be? Right now it's about 5-5.5 feet away
    yours looks to be about 4 feet away with a 600 watt so what do you guys think? Please let me know ASAP

    weed1990 Member

    yo so can i put seed in soil under 400 watt hps will it work or to hot

    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    depends what kind of ventilation you have homeslice. If your hood is glass sealed and air cooled, you get the light as close as you can without burning the plant and leaving a little room for the plant to stretch it's legs. very very simple sir...don't over think it. On a proper glass sealed air cooled hood, you should be able to touch the glass....just me 2cents

    weed1990 Member

    sweet thanks man

    grownbykane Active Member

    putting clones under HID lighting too early can cause wilting and in extreme cases death. seedlings can go right under a 1000 watts and be perfectly happy. i personally put my seedling and freshly rooted clones under a T5 fixture for a week or 2. clones need this transition period but i do it with seedlings because i dont think they can make much use of the additional light of the HID's until they have a bit of a root system. im sure you fella's already know this, hps will veg just fine but metal halide is more ideal... my in my experience plants tent to grow bushier under metal halides.


    FresnoFarmer Well-Known Member

    Why not start your seeds under 23 watt cfls? So much more efficient. Starting under HID is just a waste of energy and light. CFLs keep the internodes on the seedlings really close together as well. CFLs can be cooled with only a small table fan.

    I have a 600w but I start my seeds under CFLs and will start cloning under CFLs here pretty soon.

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