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Starting seeds in DWC??

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by StlSoldier531, Feb 25, 2010.


    StlSoldier531 Active Member

    Ok, I'm new to Hydro growing so trust me wen I say I don't know much of anything about it.

    Here is my number 1 question.

    How do you start from seed in a DWC? I know the seed gets started in a Rockwool cube and a 3inch net basket, but how does the seedling get water and nutrients if the roots are not long enough to hang down into the nutrient solution?

    I can see how a plant with a root system would function but what do you do before the seedling has roots long enough to reach the solution??

    I have always wondered this question.

    StlSoldier531 Active Member

    In fact this is not only my question with DWC, but also with Bubbleponics and Aeroponics. All of them are similar with the Rockwool cube that sits in a basket full of clay pebbles.

    I can't understand how new seedlings get water and nutrients in the beginning.

    Am I suppose to leave the rockwool out of the basket until the roots develope? If so, do I hand water the rockwool until they grow roots?

    I guess to make this question easier...how does the process begin??

    Thanks in advance everyone..

    paintsprayer71 Well-Known Member

    you answered your own question, hand water it first, or run drip lines on a timer to them, keep DWC water close to the net pots, lots o bubbles...and stuff. you can put the rockwool in net pots with hydroton or wha tever meidum u desire.

    ow.douglas Well-Known Member

    I don't start my seeds in the basket, I just use the rockwool. Once there are visible roots from the rockwool, I move them into the system. I keep the rockwool in a closed container so there is nowhere for the water to go, no watering needed after the start. If your DWC is making enough bubbles there should not be a problem. I am not an expert and I am certain that someone will tell you not to try this but, it works for me. Take it for what it's worth and good luck with your grow.
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    The so called bubbleponics kit from stealth hydro uses a water pump and tubes to create a drip from below. But the real way to let the bubbles do it is described in the link below. DWC growers have been doing this for years. Simple and very effective. You can germ a sed this way but I start germinated seeds.

    CyberSecks Active Member

    i start seeds in the cube in a dome.
    spray water in until its got a lil root and then plop it in,

    StlSoldier531 Active Member

    Thanks For advice everyone.

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