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Starting An Indoor Grow Room. What All Do I Need?!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by T.riddle, Feb 20, 2011.


    T.riddle Member

    Okay, so im setting up an indoor grow room mainly for auto flowering plants. This is my second grow but first indoor , so im a little new to this game. What all should i buy to set it up , What kind of lights, growing medium, nutrients , fans etc. Nothing over the top price wise though . Thanks for the help!

    On a side note, what seed bank would be most suggested for auto strains, attitude speedy seedz or nirvana?

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    to read a bit b4 asking ?'s like this to start off.

    T.riddle Member

    I asked for advice not an attitude prick

    rzza Well-Known Member

    lol. you need a working google machine.

    rzza Well-Known Member


    dadio161 Well-Known Member

    First , go buy a good light.
    I'll wait here. when you get back , I will tell you what to buy next.

    Moses.Lyons Active Member

    I think I understand your question.
    you will need to look at

    HID lighting
    brands don't matter much when you look at the spec sheets but
    bear in mind you always get what you pay for.

    grow mediums and nutrients are determined upon your choice grow style

    if you want to grow in soil you will need...... some dirt and some pots
    if you want to grow hydro well then you will need to GOOGLE that
    because I ain't explaining that monster...
    nutrients are mainly needed for hydro and not dirt but again GOOGLE will
    help you decide what boosters and so on you can use in dirt

    as far as auto flower seeds go I couldn't help ya there.
    I'm like Norman Bates... I keep mothers...

    Plebscrubber Active Member

    hydro aint hard...

    soil is crap... unless your some inbred redneck hillbilly

    you need to spend at least 2 hours a day reading info on the web about growing for a few weeks

    1. HID lighting
    2. Ventilation
    3. Grow room design/construction

    decide on a type of system (flood+drain, DWC, aeroponics, ect) and build your own from scratch, save a heap of money and understand how your setup works

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    wow he is smart he can spell prick...LOL what the truth hurt. buy a book

    i didn't know i had an attiude just giving advice.. read a book

    bigbudmike Active Member

    I spent about three weeks reading and figuring out things and still screwed up my first grow. Not as easy as some make it sound especially when you are trying to go cheap. My recommendation is to spend it if you got it. Cheap fans lead to a lot of heat (caused my first plant to hermie) and cheap lights reduce yield. Go hard or go home!
    new grower uk

    new grower uk Active Member

    Im on my 1st grow now and im about 2 weeks in, im growing autoflower red dwarf, i got 2 11litre pots, a small grow tent, a surge resistant timer, a light combo, i got a ballast and reflector and a HID bulb and a HPS bulb, i got a small clip on fan, its only 7 inches but it get the air moving, i got a thermometer that also lets you know the hunidity percentage, i got an all in 1 bag of growing medium, canna fertilizer vega and flores, thats about it i think, it was cheap to set up, but im not really a 'smoker' but thought i would grow it for a laught and smoke something i grew, im sure most guys on here will spend shit loads on here on a set up but they are real smokers
    new grower uk

    new grower uk Active Member

    Oh i know it sounds dumb but as im just messing with it i make C02 using water yeast and sugar in a bottle with a hole in the lid

    NEVER OUTGUNNED Active Member

    All you need to get started is the "search" button.

    NEVER OUTGUNNED Active Member

    Here's my advice, get off your lazy ass and make a conscious effort, prick...
    Mickey Love

    Mickey Love Member

    Learn by your mistakes. You'll make plenty, we all do. Some of them very costly...Once you start growing you'll never stop. Unless you get banged up, then you'll start again when you're freedom is restored...! :)

    greentiger Member

    you need to decide what kind of system you want to go with soil/ hydro ...(dwc, drip ,flood and drain) there is a lot of good DIY designs on this website to go off of. then you need a good size room that you have well ventilated (intake) (exhaust) the size fan depends on the size of the grow room. LIGHTs LIGHTS LIGHTS CREAT big buds but also had heat up your grow room exponetialy. The bigger the light the more heat its going to produce. next need to invest in some good nutes. then you just need something to regulate your atmosphere like a master controler to plug everything into. there is way to much info to say at once but there is plenty of info out there to look into . Good luck on your grow

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