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Started Flowering My Baby. What do Ya Think?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ImDankest, May 7, 2013.


    ImDankest Member

    Been vegging my Bulldog Haze for about 10 weeks now and made the switch to 12/12 yesterday. It's about 3 ft and looks very healthy. Out of interest how much do you think it'll yield? It's got two main colas and 2 other big colas. I'm going to lollipop it about 2 weeks into flowering. Is that a good idea? Anyway i'm interested what you guys think of it. (First grow BTW) DSC_1211.jpg DSC_1212.jpg

    ImDankest Member

    I've reposted this in newbie central. Found out that i cant delete this thread. Can anyone delete this one for me?

    Zagon Active Member

    what is she in? (pot size and medium)
    looks goood
    Lemon king

    Lemon king Well-Known Member

    looking good. i would lollipop all but them main 4 colas however due to the size of your plant i think you would benefit from using string attached to the pot and pulling the top 4 branches down in a north south east west fashion and bending them so that they are just lower then the main canopy below them.

    if not the top 4 colas will end up stretching much taller then the rest, so much so all the rest of the plant will be to far from the light.

    you are trying to get as many budsites in the sweet spot of the light.

    hope this helps n makes sense!!

    p.s im a massive fan of the gas lantern light routine, i personally think its much much better and i belive WILL increase yeild. i have been growing for years under 18/6 and 12/12 now ive changed i think of all the lecy i could have saved!!!

    ImDankest Member

    LST right? Great idea. Can you do that during flowering? Noob question, i know. I'll lollipop some of it but i don't want to get rid of too much of the plant though.

    ImDankest Member

    Eeerr i don't know tbh. It's not that big. i think it's 2-3 gallons
    Lemon king

    Lemon king Well-Known Member

    when you chop the top of a plant the bottom shoots grow, when you lollipop or remove lower growth the plant grows taller.

    you can remove branches and leaves up to 1/4 of foliage in one sitting plants will take 3 days to recover so add this to you flowering time.

    I honestly wouldnt bother lollipopping just yet (you seem so keen lol)

    first tie them top 4 down in opposite directions so they are level with lower foliage ( it will look strange i know!)

    you will then see you have created a bush with a flat top (looks like a scrog but with no net!)

    then as she begins to bud up you can see were the popcorn bud is and you can remove it, you can chop constantly through flower and you will not hermie her, this hermie issue is the result off shit seeds and light leaks only!!!

    i can post piks of the what i mean when lights are on in my room 2moz if you would like? i make mine into a star shape, so i have a flat top of buds 4ft by 4ft under each 600w, using all that light!!

    ImDankest Member

    Sounds like a good idea but the top two colas are relatively short, stiff and don't really bend. I wouldn't want to risk it. I might tie down the other two, hopefully it give enough light to the bottom branches to make a difference. And yeah a pick would help so i know roughly what i'm aiming for.

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