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Start of Week 5 of Flower

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by grygost, Oct 21, 2010.


    grygost Member

    Okie dokie, As of tuesday they enter week 5, I noticed slow growth and no trichomes until 2 days ago. the tallest one and the one with the most hairs are bagseed fems and the smaler one is a Big bud fem I put on 12/12 after 3 weeks of veg. Let me know what you guys think; if they look like they are on track or stunted. I also posted a leaf for you guys to look at that hit all my large fanleaves on my Big Bud. the Ph of the soil is 6.9, the nutes i giver her are jacks 15-30-15 with a half teaspoon of Purplemaxx so I have no idea what the problem is, it only attacked the fanleaves. let me know what you guys think! One other question is....with so much node spacing, how is it going to turn into 1 big cola or will it?

    010.jpg 001.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 009.jpg 006.jpg 011.jpg 003.jpg 012.jpg 002.jpg

    sm315 Active Member

    You can get some side lighting on your plant to help it fill out a little better(just some T5's @ 2700k down the sides of the closet or something), but I doubt you'll ever get one solid cola out of that one, nodes are way stretched.

    grygost Member

    I figured as much, gonna head to my local shop and grab some mylar as well.

    mesco33 Member

    I've kinda got the same thing, plants kinda stretched so it doesnt look like i'm gonna get a solid bud. I'm 3 weeks into flower, I also have another which is about half the size and its lookin' niiice, def gonna be one solid cola

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