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Start a Vermont Growers Collective?

Discussion in 'Vermont Patients' started by bellas6, Apr 26, 2017.


    bellas6 Member

    I am knew to the forum but not knew to growing. I am interested in connecting with other Vermont growers who would like to start a collective together.
    My main goal is sharing knowledge and genetics.
    I am looking for not only other breeders but also home growers, outdoor growers, people who have had the same unnamed "OG" strain going forever. I have mine.
    Let's start a conversation. What do you want from like minded growers from within your own state?
    My current grow is:
    GSC/GG#5 - cutting sourced from dispensary in NY
    Blue Label- cutting sourced from dispensary in NY
    WOS, Afghan/Archive Faceoff BX2 - self made seeds regular
    Hazeman Strawberry cough - I'm bringing this back to VT, Unless it's already here then hey why didn't you share!
    Big worm- Vortex
    Hazeman - Coccoa puffs
    Doc- Van Gough
    BB- Psycho-killer
    BB- Deep blue -sour cherry
    Nirvana - Ak48
    Bodhi - NL#5
    I will start posting pics if any is interested this weekend.

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