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Stamen it spray advice!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by kenny ken 77, Jan 30, 2013.

    kenny ken 77

    kenny ken 77 Active Member

    Hi, I was just wondering whether anybody out there has used this stamen it stuff,
    if so,does it work? How should I use it and what to expect.
    thing is,I have a strain I adore, though no one seems to know her name,
    im going away soon to where it's legal and would love to be able to get her there,
    but crossing international borders with a rooted clone or even a cutting is not really an option.
    so if anybody has used it and has advice, I'd much appreciate it,
    thank you! K.K.

    I was also wondering where to locate it,
    im sure my local hydro shops, wouldn't have a clue,

    thank you
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    pmumbry Active Member

    i dont know about the product you are talking about, but the way to do what you desire (carry the genetics of your plant in seed form to your new location), is to spray the plant with colloidal silver several times during a couple week period on one branch and flower it out, pollinating it with its own pollen. This will give you seeds which are genetically identical to the plant they are grown from.

    I would also recommend pollinating other females of various strains with this pollen, getting hybrids of your plant and other dank. You might find a few keepers. All of your seeds will be female, by the way.

    lahadaextranjera Well-Known Member

    Hola! Estas en Peru? Gracias para tu recomendación. Tenemos Spannabis próxima mes aquí en Barcelona. Compraré productos ahí. 'Colloidal Silver' no es disponible aquí! :)

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