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Springs Dank Clubs

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by Constiello, Jan 3, 2013.


    Constiello Active Member


    SoCoMMJ Well-Known Member

    Why would you want to pay somebody just to bring and smoke your own stash? I guess it's cool to be able to, but doesn't seem very practical.

    Medshed Well-Known Member

    The Studio A64 example seems like a good model, as I understand the article. They don't charge to get in but they sell food and drinks to patrons. Not sure how they will make such a place "private" but I guess you could make it member only with a free membership. I remember bars in Utah operating that way. In that sense it would be no different than a coffee/tea/juice bar that allows smoking during "members only" hours.

    Prior to establishment of legal retail sales I imagine these venues will be infested with narcs. There will no doubt be dealing taking place in and around these establishments.
    chef c

    chef c Well-Known Member

    I hope they can make it till nov 26...

    chewberto Well-Known Member

    yes, I believe I read you pay for a membership that is for various locations that they will announce periodically, You can attend and recreationally use. Bring your own pot? is this true? If so concept is not so great...Also, I read about the one here in my realm in del norte CO....you pay for high end drinks and food and are gifted hash? any word on this? Kinda sketchy... I love the idea of interacting and sharing products grown by Colorado folks, to network and spread great genetics throughout the state.....I know a lot of uneducated Skinfappys will try to grow and soil the market and waste peoples time. So if an elite group of growers/breeders connected can keep a sense of purity in the game, I believe this will be essential to maintain high quality products that others will seek out instead of run from like something grown from beencracky..A culling. ;)

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