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spraying the leaves

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by boris the blade, Jan 3, 2010.


    GrowingfortheGold New Member


    If the product you use and the misters are shit yes then the stomata might become clogged. "Pore" = Stomata.

    Foliar Feed should really only be done after your grow is dialed in. Simply spraying with water would only be for cleaning the dust. It wont make them grow any bigger or yield more = waste of time.

    snoopyman2 Member

    knowledge, yes, but i'm trying to keep things simple for my 1st grow. i will try spraying my MG in those proportions. thanks!

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    If you have read my journal you know I love to experiment, one of em was to mix superthrive a bit strong and spray it on a clone (was a male clone for sexing) killed it in 8 hours (a bit strong was 5 drops instead of one)

    it's your choice $10 back from superthrive or lose $300 to $400 in bud?

    I have no problem with folks doing things that work (or appear to work) for em, but telling NooB's to do it is wrong unless you can completely explain why?

    So tell me what benefit are you gettin from spraying superthrive on em?

    are you doing a side by side with same strain & conditions?

    This bud is 5 weeks old and has never seen superthrive, never been sprayed either

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    prebs Active Member

    Yeah I had biology this past semester. Just forgot the word for it.. thank you

    oregon024 Active Member

    What benefits have I seen.Well my shit is clean no fucking mites.Water kills mites I use azamax but you can't use that threw flower.I learned this in medical marijana grow class.And know a few medical growers that keep mites away just spraying water and keeping things clean.Befor I sprayed daily I had webs not now!
    captain chronizzle

    captain chronizzle Well-Known Member

    tru that! some people let the water soak with minced garlic, strain then spray. completely organic insecticide. (i have not tried it personally, but theloadeddragon swears by it)

    you gotta use common sense when spraying. the drops if big will burn the leaves if they are close to light(real close). obviously you dont wanna soak a plant in flower, due to risk of mold.

    i mist my plants, but only when the time and conditions are right. you just gotta figure it out.

    oregon024 Active Member

    yea time will tell but I ain't inviting them pest back.

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