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Spray sugar water on my buds

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by too trick, Oct 23, 2007.

    Carribean Blue

    Carribean Blue Well-Known Member

    :leaf: Nice :leaf:
    i will be trying this in a week i will open a grow thread and see how this improves my plant.
    :leaf: Peace :leaf:

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    it wont..................

    this is a stupid idea and a good way to fuck your medacine up... all this does is make the buds weigh more because of the sugar.. another method is to water the plant with it towards the end of flower a good way is at the end to starve the plant for water and feed it the sugar water...

    its a shitty trick as i said before and all it does is make the plant weigh more... its not benificial to it in any way really but i rip off to yourself and anyone else that smokes the medacine....

    next youll be spraying them with a can of fizzy dring t give it that stickyness cos you cant grow the sticky icky...

    my advice is fuck the sugar water and learn how to maximize your plants growrth.

    peace out
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    newb weed grower

    newb weed grower Active Member

    omg plz man help me i need to know what to do if it makes ur growthis fast
    ok i understand the process but when should i negin this also what is that weed anyhow i mean its identity u know
    also if u did tell me the name u gave it i always name mine
    its name is amber

    MellowHaze Active Member

    haha this guy know his shit lol i would advice sprayin sugar water or honey on your weed not unless you want aload of shit weed lol

    peace :bigjoint:

    MellowHaze Active Member

    haha thats a good guided lol an yer not somethin that should be done if your a little pussy lol

    peace :bigjoint:

    RavenMochi Well-Known Member

    glucose, what plants make, your giving them a shot of it that they don't have to process, and this is supposed to be bs? molasses is alot better, but sugar will help, same thing with us and cannibalism, most people don't know or want to know, but when we eat other human our body doesn't have to do as much processing, so we get more energy with less "itus", same thing here, your giving it something it would normally have to process, thats not opinion dude, thats fact. Sorry.

    As far as SPRAYING, yea, cheap trick, I've known cartel who used sprite, dr p of all fucking things, honey water, etc,. and you can always tell, though honestly I've personally only seen such cheap tricks used on swag weed, not anything with a name though....Done by only the most shady., I know blunt dealers that have more integrity than that...

    cheechzilla Active Member

    You flush every other time smoke2live. That's preposterous.

    RavenMochi Well-Known Member

    does seem like you would be losing alot of nutrients that way the plant never even had a chance to think about absorbing...but if its worked 4 u...cool...

    sensi8739 Active Member

    There are a few ways to look at (molasses) that is.

    The main point of its use, in my opinion, is to help the beneficial organisms living within the growing medium break down more nutrients which the plant can then use.

    So then, yes, if your grow has relied primarily on inorganic nutrients, and you have a rather sterile medium in comparison to someone using bat guano and kelp, then maybe molasses will provide little to no benefit.

    However, if you are mainly focused on keeping a healthy bio medium throughout the grow, then yes, I feel blackstrap molasses can play a big part.

    Just a couple cents to throw into the pile.

    lerellion Well-Known Member

    I just use Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy, has exactly the sugars your plant can use ( plus other goodies see there web page.

    My advice is if you are newto growing find a nutrient company and use ONLY there line, and as you learn more you can taylor your nut regime to your tases. We all grow dirferently and we all grow different strains, What works for my might not work for you. BUt remember if you go gung-HO and spray sugar water all over your buds ( you will be disapointed)

    * the reason molasses is better to use than table sugar is molasses is NOt as refined so you get more benificial sugers (as well as other usable minareals). In addition the molasses is easier for the plant to change to glucose, using regular suger ( your plant CAN convert to glucose) the plant must use additional energy to convert regular sugar to glucose, compared to changing Molasses to glucose) so it is not very energy eficient to use sugar. Use black Strap molasses

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