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Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by tokezalot420, May 29, 2011.


    tokezalot420 Well-Known Member

    medical grower in need of some clones willing to donate a few bucks per clone i have auto flower seeds to trade also

    tokezalot420 Well-Known Member

    found a guy on craigs list i wonder how reputable.. anyone meet anyone through craigslist for clones?

    NoGutsGrower Well-Known Member

    call him and order just 1 or 2 and see how the deal goes down and how healthy they are, if its works out go for it! there are a lot of idiots and jackers on CL but then there are a lot of people that are cool! I give stuff away on CL all the time, people are happy with the stuff I give away but I've heard some bad stories!

    420God Well-Known Member

    Ahh, was wondering what happened. Loved your glass house thread.

    tokezalot420 Well-Known Member

    alright i met the guy got 5 chloe nl cross and 5 jamacian lights another nl cross but i never really heard of either strain they are a little small but look bug free and really healthy met him in grocery store parking lot in back worked out good he wanted 15 a peice and talked him down 2 10 a peice :) i have a couple extra blue berry clones to get rid of if any medical pateints wanna make some sort of trade

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