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Spiders on my weed plants

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by kylekush, Jul 18, 2009.


    kylekush Active Member

    often i find spider webs on my rainbow skunk and yesterday i found a white spider on my plants and later that day found one bud to be completely covered in webs almost and had little black things in it, i cut it off and there are any more noticably in it. Is it wise to have move it to a spot with considerabley less light but no sign of spiders? Are these spider mites, or spiders? and most of all if spiders are not harmful as many have said in forums i read, then why are my buds covered in webs hahaha im in 5th week flowering about and i could really use some help

    the1budsmoker Well-Known Member

    that was my first grow look at the white spots that was a bad case off spider mites

    doobnVA Well-Known Member

    Without any pictures it's hard to know what you're dealing with. Spiders are actually your friends =) They eat the other bugs that would eat your plants. Of course, you don't want the spiders to get out of control, which they can - especially indoors. Also, you don't want to harbor any poisonous spiders. If I were you, I'd try and figure out what kind of spider it is exactly and then decide if you want to keep it. Just keep an eye on it and if it makes an egg sac, move it to an outside garden. The webs won't hurt your buds. Just make sure you clean them off before you smoke 'em.

    If it's NOT a spider, get rid of it.
    nick the sick maniac

    nick the sick maniac Well-Known Member

    yea i also have spiders on my plants too. i leave them because they eat the bugs on my plants. they make webs connecting to each of my plants like little highways but when the webs get too big i just pick them off.

    cbtwohundread Well-Known Member

    no those are spider mites if theyre really little and only web on buds mainly,,,,and if you see white frost and harm being don to your plant theyre a pest

    purpz Well-Known Member

    spiders are good to have but what you said about little black things in the web? that's a for sure sign of spider "mites" i would look into getting something for it a.s.a.p. Not sure what tho since your already budding.

    sagensour Active Member

    If you have white stippling or white dots/spots like the size of sand on top of leaves then u c bugs under the leaves. That sounds just like spider mights. I looked at my outdoor yesterday to find them on my plants. Those bastards dont pay rent and they destroy my propoerty so i killed them off with Fox Farms Dont Bug Me spray and AZAMAX. Working for me. Just try to control them there hard to kill outdoors.

    kylekush Active Member

    alright thanks for the advice people i believe it is spider mites, but i also have what i think are leaf hoppers any suggestions on those? im also going to pick up a bag of lady bugs for the mites, im too late in flowering for neem or any sprays i think, also does any one know how to more efficiently remove the little black things, soaking the buds works a bit buts not too well and i worry about damaging the trichomes and other than that i pluck out like 30 a day

    ontarigrow Member

    When your plants are budding and you have spidermites,

    try and remove as much web as possible
    take a q-tip dipped in alcohol and dab around the area

    a trick from my horticulture teacher

    kylekush Active Member

    would that not just make the buds taste like alcholol? im currently just plucking all the webs off just with tooth picks but im looking for a more efficient way so any details would be helpful

    MMAstoner Well-Known Member

    jus get them lady bugs and itl b gravy.

    ontarigrow Member

    I was assuming the bugs were still located in one location.

    EDIT that looks a lot like mealy bug as opposed to spider mite
  13. mine is currently changing from preflowering to flowering, and there are many webs in the newly forming buds. Is it too late for any sprays? or do i still have a little time?

    canefan Guest

    There are a couple of easy and inexpensive ways to deal with spider mites, I little (4 to 5 drops of ivory soap) in a quart spray bottle and spray your plants throughly, let stand a few hours and rinse with water throughly it will have dissolved the little bastards. There is nicotine tea, take a few cig butts soak in water for a few hours and spray. The nicotine will become nontoxic and disappear totally within a few hours along with your spidermites. The other method I use is hydrogen peroxide and water sprayed on the plants, this also dissolves the little bastards and adds oxygen to the roots as it drips into the soil. I have used all of the above with great results and no harm to the girls. Hope this helps.:joint::mrgreen:
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  15. Is hydrogen peroxide more effective than an alcohol mix? and are either of these methods bad to use in flower?

    IHaveSixCats Well-Known Member

    Ok I know this thread is old but people are telling me I have spider mites and other are telling me I have PM. I do see small white spiders and webs at the base of the plant. No tiny white dots but I do have like a PM. I just sprayed a baking soda mist with a few drops of dish soap to get it to stick to the leaves. I was also told to take off as many of the affected leaves as I can. I will try and get a picture of this little guy but my X partner had told me last year that these guys were good guys.

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