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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by sativaplanet420, Mar 11, 2009.


    sativaplanet420 Well-Known Member

    I have had a gay as insect in my garden forever. I am pretty sure they are Thrips. They are small, white in color. They crawl on my leaves, leave small white streaks, and mothers are smaller, b the lack in color and fly around.

    I have been spraying Einstein Neem Oil on them, used poisons, and even Nematodes!!!
    They will never completely go away. They are slowing the growth in my garden down!!!

    What about using regular spiders as a predator? They are all over my basement. The other day saw one crawling on my plant.

    Spider mites don't come from spiders, right? Anything wrong with this idea.

    I am seriously sick of these damn bugs!

    Any other ideas?

    defeatedtea Well-Known Member

    I fucking hate spiders and just realized how many I have in my room. :o. THANKS op
    but infact i think you could capture one and put it in your tent hoping its not a female coz then she'll fucking infest ur sht. most likely. and i mean i would only do it if it was a daddy long legs.
    Carl Spackler

    Carl Spackler Well-Known Member

    Post a pic for positive ID please.

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