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Spidermites and fruitflys

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by ndub19, Sep 13, 2010.


    ndub19 Member

    Sup guys i recently noticed spider mites on one of my plants that i moved indoors from my outdoor location. i also seem to have a pretty big fruit fly infestation too. They have been indoors under 2 cfl lights for over a month now and 2 weeks ago i noticed a few and killed them, but about a week ago i noticed alot more and really went on a killing spree, and vacuumed up a pile of bugs that were around the soil. There don't seem to be as many spider mites any more but there is stills some, but the fruit fly infestation is still pretty hardcore. i herd of iso and water, and a little bit of dish soap and water but dident try eather because i think they might effect the taste or harm the plant. is there anything else i can do and what can i do about the fruit flys?

    ndub19 Member


    growone Well-Known Member

    i've got pretty much the same deal, revegged a plant outdoors and spider mites came in with it
    not sure what fruit flies find to eat on your plant, but the iso is usually a spider mite treatment
    caution with it is needed because it can dissolve trichomes

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    100 percent pure neem oil, 5 ml with a few drops of dish soap and 2 litres of water , shake and spray

    xxxcmackk Active Member

    put a 1/4 full can of pepsi in the room near the plants with seran wrap over the top of the can with a few small holes in the wrap...easily caught..they go in the can and wont find way back out,,and just change cans when ya caught a bunch..dam near impossible to kill them all and they will keep coming back if ya dont find the source their after..distract and remove with the pop can..( sorry i just hate putting shit on my plants).
    Grumpy Old Dreamer

    Grumpy Old Dreamer Well-Known Member

    For the flies, get something that is bright yellow (I use the plastic lid from a peanut butter jar as it is bright yellow).
    Smear some honey on the yellow thing.
    Put yellow thing near plants where it gets good light.
    Flies are attracted to both the yellow colour and the sweet honey smell.
    Flies get stuck in honey.
    Flies are fucked.
    Fucked flies can't fuck and can't breed.
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    TheTokingKing Active Member

    I agree with the one who said he hates to pute anything on his plants. I agree, chems on bud means chems in lungs. SO, for the spidermites I use soapy water sprayed foamy onto effected leaves. In flowering IF I get spidermites I do a simple rub with clean fingers on the leaves killing the existing spiders and removing badly damaged leaves. When my plants get to the actual flowering stage nothing but clean water goes on the plants.

    TheTokingKing Active Member

    I live in great Northern CALI. I dont believe we have those fly pests, Im curious, what do they look like?

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    neem oil is organic and non toxic

    43Hitman Active Member

    Lmao! Some funny shit right there.

    blower Active Member

    no more rinsing off buds nor leafs=bud rot.
    damp towel or paper towels wipe damaged leafs
    hang pest strips that are yellow.
    spray leafs with lemon juice before sun

    TheTokingKing Active Member

    I know, I have used it with no problem. I have panic disorders (reason for the smoke) and I would stew overthe thought of anything but regular clean water. Its been an issue for me because I have had full canopy over my indoor plants due to spider mite (2days gone) so I have just learned techniques to keep them from getting on the plant in the first place. Im a grower that tried to go as natural as possible but I do realize the need for some things. I think all the forms of control are very valid, we all need to find what works for us.

    Keep in mind, the reason they build so many different cars is because one style of car doesnt fit every persons needs and desires.

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