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Spider Mites- temperature death

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by karo, Nov 23, 2006.


    karo Active Member

    Does anyone know at what temperature ( low and high ) will a spider mite die ?
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    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    I like your thinking, but unfortunatley they can hibernate when the temp drops below 65 ... And they can withstand freezing temperatures through this hibernation... It is a fact that they can hibernate for 1 year and there is serious evidence that they can hibernate longer...

    Things only get worse as the temperature gets hotter... Mites thrive in temperatures over 80 degrees... They multiply at an unbelievable rate as temperatures pass 80 degrees...

    There is a product called "pest strips". , this product will eliminate mites in enclosed areas,,, it is the best product on the market... Besides Avid... Which is very deadly and should only be used when all other means are exhausted...

    And NOW you KNOWM

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    karo Active Member

    I just discoverd the little hotten tots two days ago.I put the plant outside in the cold drizzlie rainy night and today.
    At what point is it a lost cause ?
    Its about 2-3 weeks out of being ready to harvest.
    I ordered the leaf spray talked about in another thread.
    Its just the one plant,how would i clean the room that i had the plant in?

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    You can buy bug bombs that can will clear the whole house of bugs. Or you can just remove your plant and lysol the fuck out of your grow room. The walls and all. Give it a day or so to dry completely. Lysol is the shit and the room will be near sterile

    ViRedd New Member

    Spider Mites are tough little bastards and can be really hard to get rid of. The No-Pest-Strips that GK talked about work, but the mites build up a tolerance to them pretty fast. You need something to kill the eggs as well as the babies and adults. There is one product that works above all ... AVID. Its very expensive, but some hydro stores sell small vials of it. You only need five (5) drops of AVID per gallon of water. Spray under the leaves, top of leaves, the walls and the cracks in your grow cabinet. Check your cuttings as well. If you've been handling your infested plant and not changing your clothes and washing your hands before handling other plants, you can be assured that they are infested too. It may take three, or more AVID treatments before the problem is taken care of.

    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    Be very careful with AVID..use gloves and masks.. the shit is DEATH in a bottle..


    ViRedd New Member

    Five (5) drops of AVID per quart of water in a spray bottle is all you need.

    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    do not spray avid on buds... or any flowering plant...
    General Kush

    General Kush Active Member

    anybody know if spidermites can be found in cellars, thats where im growing mine.

    spidermitebreeder Member

    :-|absolutely!In my cellar I'm battleing a major infestation!You will probably get them sure enough. I would from now on take some profalaxis action now! I am using no pest strips for 4 days now and seems to have reduced their numbers, i said reduced. And made a homemade solution of cigs, pepper sauce and garlic cloves and an going to continue it for a couple of weeks. It made me cough! so I hope it's Armageddon for those infernal bastards!

    spidermitebreeder Member

    I also found out why my cloning isn't always successful! spidermites! death to all of them!

    kevin Well-Known Member

    don't use boric acid. it will kill your plants along with any bug you may have.

    passerbye Well-Known Member

    I have been growing for 25 years and never had mites. I got some clones from a dirty hillbilly and bam. I bombed twice with Docktor Doom 5.5oz can for a 700sq ft room. IT helped but they are still there.

    I lowered my temp to 70 degress instead of 80 and now they are cohabititating with my girls. Yah they are there, but they are not killing my plants. Right now I am trying a Neem Oil/Foilage opener mix. The thought is the foiler part opens up the leaves and then they drink in the neem oil. Then when a bugger bites the plant, it dies. My firend used this to eradicate mites before. I will keep you posted.

    The short of it is mite attack weak plants in extreme situations. High heat, low humidity, or weak plants. Keep your girls strong and they can fight for themselves....with a little help from chemicals.

    Since I hate anyone who takes from my stash without paying, I also ordered preying mantis eggs. These guys are so interesting. They will hatch in 2 weeks, come out and hunt down everything in your enclsed room. Due to their size when they hatch, they are perfect voracious guys to get the job done. Once they eat everyone, eggs, women, children, they dont care, then they will eat each other. It is very similiar to the predatory mites you can buy, but those are more expensive and harder to keep alive. A PM will live hearty in bad conditions. And you can keep the guy who wins as a pet!!!

    When I grew outdoors I had PM set up station on my plants. Thye kept them 100% bug free.

    So lower your temp, put in good airflow and keep your girls healthy. Right now only my very lower leaves are being eaten, which aint so bad. I am planning on total extermination of their clans, its just some battles must be waged with time and patience.

    If your plants are potted and mobile, I recommend putting them outside or in a bathtub and rinse the hell out of them. I like the tub bc they all go down the drain. I doubt you will get all of em, but this will flush away many breeding adults and eggs. Just my 2 cents.
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    torontoone Well-Known Member


    Ive had MAJOR invasions of the little dudes. GET A COUPLE OF THESE AND KEEP THEM IN YOUR ROOM.
    tHEY LAST 3-4 MONTHS Mites activity is triggered by a drop in humidity and/or a change in light cycle,
    so even if you think they are gone, they will come back when conditions are right.

    Forget the sprays, bombs, and all that shit and TRUST ME.


    (Get them at Home Depot, Lowes, any major hardware, some grocery stores, or online)

    fireglow Member

    there is a product called NO MORE SPIDERMITES just google it
    It worked great for me its organic plant oils and can be used up to harvest it just smothers them and their eggs it might take two apps or so to get rid of them but their so small you can never keep them all out just spray at first sign

    tokinman Well-Known Member

    they thrive anywhere the heat gets warm enough.. it's like they appear out of no where.... keep your temps mid 70's and you should be fine..

    tokinman Well-Known Member

    those pest strips unfortunately do nothing for fungus gnats.. even though they fly.. lol.

    DrFever New Member

    only real way to get rid of them BORG are to litterally make 50 gallon batch of Bug B gone and turn plant upside down and drown plant in barrel do it 2 times in a 4 day interval and there gone

    spidermites as well as any other insect strives at 76 degrees and 60 humidity and up you can spray and spray and nev er get rid of them
    leaving them alone within a week you can have a infestation of millions of them

    so solution is drown plant in barrel as well completly disinfect grow room walls floor lights EVERYTHING with BLEACH pure BLEACH

    Husseinps Active Member

    Is dettol/life boy a good choice?

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