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Spider mites on clones

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Realpuffdady, Apr 16, 2010.


    Realpuffdady Member

    I got spider mites on my plants and I cut off some clones. If I put a No Pest Strip next to my clones will it hurt them?

    BloomBrothers Active Member

    Take all the clones and put them in some cool tap water and rub them all off...kill everything in your growroom with bleach..........If ya got flowering plants in there finish them.............but don't put your clones back in your growroom until ya clean it.......find the cause of the mites.....Don't bring plants in from the outside unless you isolate them to make sure they don't have little critters...............

    Realpuffdady Member

    i have removed the clones from the grow room and put them in a humidity dome with a No Pest Strip. i'll take your advice and rub them all down. Do you think the no pest strip will hurt my clones if i leave it in the dome to be safe?

    WillMunny Active Member

    No, it won't hurt them. Leave it in for 7 to 10 days to kill adults and eggs, then put the date on it with a sharpie and keep it in a ziplock back for future use. Keep the exhaust to a minimum while treating to get the best effect.

    sa1asjok3r Active Member

    thats exactly what neem oil is for

    budforever442200 Well-Known Member

    Floramite is the shit! 3ml/gal. dip/spray when the lights go off

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