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Spider Mite Control

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by NewGrowth, Oct 30, 2009.


    unity Well-Known Member

    Only thing that works for me are No Pest Strips. I run a cge though with limited ventilation (3min. every 3 hours) and get great exposure time.

    Hayduke Well-Known Member

    No thanks...

    Huel Perkins

    Huel Perkins Well-Known Member

    For as long as i've been growing i've never had any serious bug problem. I always attributed it to taking preventative measures such as always having sticky traps around my plants, adding AzaMax to me resivor as well as spraying my plants top to bottom with AzaMax during veg and i even have a few lady bugs running around in my room like guard dogs.

    While doing my weekly feeding yesterday i noticed a couple spotted leaves and cut them from the plant to better examine them..... Fucking Spider Mites!

    The two leaves i removed each had one spider mite as well as a few eggs on the underside of the leaf. I searched the rest of my room and could not find any signs of spider mites other than the two i had already found but i know there has to be others. I quickly mixed up a batch of AzaMax in my spray bottle and soaked the entire garden top to bottom (yes, i sprayed the underside of the leaves as well as the tops). About an hour after that (when the plants were mostly dry) i released a few hundred lady bugs into the room.

    I'm hoping the AzaMax and the lady bugs will knock them out before them become a problem but i am still paranoid... I've been reading a lot today but i can't seem to find conditions that the spider mites like/dislike. For example if i kept my room at a higher/lower temp or higher/lower humidity level would it possibly slow them down??? I'd like to make it as uncomfortable for them as possible without hurting my girls... As for making them uncomfortable, i know thats not going to stop them in any way but i would like to avoid their ideal conditions/climate if possible since at this point its only a sighting and not a problem...yet.

    Note: I am in week 3 of flowering right now, so i don't have much time left to battle these things with chemicals. I'm also growing a brand new strain called "The Jeffrey" and i really don't want to lose this crop!
    BiggY Blains

    BiggY Blains Member

    mites do not like high humidity. SO as long as bud rot is not a worry. I would go higher heat 80 degrees and >60% humidity.

    unity Well-Known Member

    That will work as a prevention & control method. 60%+ humidity is nothing to be toyed with, unless you know what you are doing. I run my humidity in the 55% to 65% during flower, but I do have a controlled environment and do not have to worry about going outside of my set points (humidity). Even with that I bring humidity down inn the last 3 weeks of flowering to 45%-55%, and let me tell you, the mites have a fucking party at those numbers.

    BTW, I posted that No Pest strips work for me. NO THEY DON'T :(
    Clean, prevention & control, that is the ticket. From there I move to hard core shit and don't fuck around. Those fucking little bastards!!!! Thank god I only had one bad infestation.

    flaviegreen New Member

    right post. That shit will kill plants. Killed every leaf I sprayed on them. good news is plants still lived . new growth saved them.

    purplehays1 Well-Known Member

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