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Specifics on Brown Bag Drying

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by dangchowser, Nov 14, 2007.


    dangchowser Well-Known Member

    Ok well ive dried my first two plants using the brown bag method, i put the buds in a brown paper bag and folded it shut about half way. 1 week later theyre dry but dont smell good at all , now ive been curing in a mason jar for about 5 days and theres no improvment. Any tips or suggestions?

    email468 Well-Known Member

    your buds aren't moldy are they? that would be very, very bad.

    dangchowser Well-Known Member

    no theyre not moldy at all they just smell like hay and fresh bud , when they were growing and i touched them they smelt like orange now they dont and i dont know what i could have done wrong

    email468 Well-Known Member

    that's good news. mold would have sucked!

    sounds like you have to continue "burping" them until they're cured.

    dangchowser Well-Known Member

    how often do you do that and for how long?

    UncleSunny Well-Known Member

    I had really bad luck with some test buds I did to try the brown bag, and it didn't work at all for me. Tasted like hay and burned some much, you got a buzz from the asphyxiation from coughing so damn much.

    I kept them in a cool, dark place with good airflow--everything I found out about it on the internet I did, but it just didn't work for me. I do live in a desert like area (L.A.) and elevation has a lot to do with curing.
    I swear by the whole hang them in a dark place with constant but gentle cool air for 3 to 4 weeks, then jar cure. You can still smoke it about a week or so into the curing process, but the THC content goes up 400% after the curing process is complete, so patience is probably your best nutrient at this time.
    But throw a slice of potato in the glass jar and leave it in there overnight. Your bud should be as moist as the day you picked it, and you can, sort of, start over again.
    That's what saved my brown bag experiment, at least to the point I could smoke the stuff without choking.
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    iwearnopants Member

    instead of a potatoe in your bud jar which sounds like a waste of food. the night you chop her down cut the main stem into pieces and put it in the fridge after about 4-6 days of hanging those dead virgins upside down in a windy 70 degree dark spot, brown bag them till stems snap, then jar them. open jar once a day -if too dry put a cut piece of stem you saved and toss it in the jar and it will moisten the buds back up some.

    always inspect for mold while hanging in bag and jar.

    and only way to get smell back is jarring them burping 1x/day idk maybe 30sec to 5min like dude said, they will eventually loose that hay smell and return to the smell that they had in buddung. some peeps burp eryday for months its something to do with the carbohydrates changing composition tobacco growers do it all the time look up tobacco curing they do it for years

    when all stems snap air seal for long storage
    Old Goat

    Old Goat Member

    All the above items listed, how did you all miss the step before the drying? You know... Flushing.
    Every item listed will not repair itself but "may" improve slightly.
    Read up on flushing and I promise you'll fix the problem on your next time & Good Luck

    Muskman80 New Member

    Awesome info! Brown bagging it now and having soft of same issue! Thanks!

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