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Sour Diesel Full Melt Ice Water Hash @ Nomad's Landing

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by MrBoard, Apr 21, 2012.


    MrBoard Member

    OK... we got some outdoor Sour D trim from another farm not too long ago... it was fully crushed... and then subsequently finger-fucked all the way through to pick all the tiny little nugs out of it... Sour D is my favorite sativa strain... and I know it's possible to spin good sour d hash...

    Anyways... I pulled 100% green hash out of my 190, 160, and 120 screens... which I threw directly onto a single food grade plate... but my 100, 73, and 45 screens turned out good... and they made up the bulk of the weight I pulled...

    Here are shots of my first 2 100 plates
    100.1.jpg - 1st 100 pull... still on the drying plate... fully dried
    100.2.jpg - 2nd 100 pull... also still on the drying plate... also fully dried.. this plate actually turned out better than the 1st:confused:

    Yes I know... I have read about people's 2nd 100 pull being better than their 1st numerous times... but this is the first time it has happened to me...

    I pressed up some of each plate on wax paper, let it cure for 24 hours, and took another couple pictures...

    100.1pressedrough.jpg - 1st 100 pull
    100.2pressedrough.jpg - 2nd 100 pull

    This hash wasn't as sticky as the ATF in my last post... still pretty sticky though...

    As you might have guessed... I these 2 first 100 screens were the best hash I pulled out of this run... but I also got good hash on other plates... here's the breakdown for the rest of the plates... in order from best to worst:

    2nd 100
    1st 100
    3rd 100 (5 star)
    4th 100 (5 star)
    2nd 73 (4 star)
    1st 73(4 star)
    3rd 73 (4 star)
    4th 73 (4 star)
    45 (4 star)

    Like I said earlier... the 190, 160 and 120 screens were food grade and green... the 25 wasn't anything worthwhile... as usual... but it wasn't green like the rest of the food grade hash

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    MrBoard Member


    MrBoard Member

    SD 73 cluster.jpg

    This is actually a cluster from my 3rd 73 wash...
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    VLRD.Kush Well-Known Member

    want my address now, or later for my shipment? hahaha. That stuff looks TASTEY!

    MjMama Well-Known Member

    Nice! That stuff looks great! I'm smoking on some Sour D bubble hash too but mine is a lot darker.

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    MrBoard Member

    That stuff doesn't look so bad either... It looks a bit darker than mine... but it also looks like it's been pressed and cured... the pressed and cured pieces I took pictures of were much thinner than the pieces in your picture... but thicker pieces of the hash I spun look pretty amber as well... Also... It's a bit hard to tell from the picture with the bowl... but it looks pretty melty too...

    Check this out... here's a shot of that same hash from my 2nd 100 micron pull... but it's been curing in a jar for a while now, and it's a slightly thicker piece than in the other pictures..
    dark cured 100.2.jpg

    DSB65 Well-Known Member

    damn thats nice

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