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***SONOFF - WiFi Wireless Smart Switch***

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by Chronikool, Sep 1, 2017.


Would you use a Sonoff..?

  1. Yeah

  2. Nah

  3. Id rather have a sawn-off ....


    Philip-O Well-Known Member

    What is the white cable going out from the input side to each of the relays?

    InTheValley Well-Known Member

    that is the common, connected with the Line or Live input. Each channel must have this connection, then the other, is the LINE or Live. Each relay is NOT connected via the 120AC input, which i presummed was. I thought it was a distribution block timer,
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    regoob eht

    regoob eht Well-Known Member

    IMG_20180303_184249_kindlephoto-1028461104.jpg 20180303_184316.jpg 20180303_184328.jpg
    I love my Sonoff setup. Discovered because of this thread. Thanks so much for starting this. I just bought a 6pack of 16g extension cords and wired the sonoffs in. Tied the grounds together with wago. Easy to set light schedule now. Soooo much better then large ass dual timers taking up all my outlets. And now I can check from anywhere on my phone if everything is powered and going good. Also have a bluelab connect with the app I can check EC,PH,Temp of reservoir anytime from my phone.
    Got a th16 on the way for my humidifier.

    Next step.... Learn Arduino.... Thanks again for this thread!!

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    SSGrower Well-Known Member

    Would you oblige me with a favor and get those drivers off the ground please.
    regoob eht

    regoob eht Well-Known Member

    Already done. Picture taken while testing out lights in that position. After 45mins decided it was good and ran wire through upper vent hole on tent and drivers mounted on wall. Valid point though, safety first. Thank you for your concern.

    Edit: also using a waterproof screw-in connector, for AC voltage side. Wagos are great for testing out, but take electricity seriously.
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    Nutria Active Member


    SSGrower Well-Known Member

    Thank You.

    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Ok so I found these with a si.ple Google search for digital timers. Are these really that simple. You just break the hit and neutral power incoming to say my driver. I'm building a Samsung F series gen 3 flower light. Are they really that simple. Cut it inline. And download the app. And setup the timer through it?

    And can the 4ch version handle 400+ watts. I'd like to run my lights on one channel heat on 2nd channel and fans on 3rd channel. My light in itself will drawl 320+ and max. Can this device handle that? Thanks for any info

    Edit: can the 4ch pro also use the temperatre n humidiy probe
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    justsmokedope Well-Known Member

    im interested in doing this too with my esps do you have details on how you set this up and the code perhaps

    justsmokedope Well-Known Member

    is there any info on how this is wired up i see you have a wire not going into the sonoff at all . is the sonoff only on the neutral wire ? does this operate using mains dimming method ?
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    bizfactory Well-Known Member

    That is the ground. You wire the L and N through the sonoff and pass through the G however you'd like.

    bizfactory Well-Known Member

    Here is my Home Assistant config for my grow. Pretty fuckin awesome if you ask me.


    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Well I ordered a dual sonoff to control my diy Samsung F series gen 3 strip light. With deep red 660nm leds inbetween the strips. I'm using the dual to control both sets of lights. One channel for the Samsung strips and one channel for the deep reds. I also ordered one of those baylite dc displays. For volts current watts and energy to be displayed. I seen they make a th16a model that has a temp n humidity sensor with it as well. But it was only single channel. And the dual channel doesn' support the temp/hum sensor which sucks. I hate to buy another one just for temp/hi. Sensor
    regoob eht

    regoob eht Well-Known Member

    Yes. It is that simple. I believe the 4ch can handle up to 2200watts, 10amps per relay. Itead.cc is the website. Get the th10 or th16 for temp humidity measurement, make sure to get the actual sensor with the sonoff. Also power meter model is great, I use it to measure my heaters output. Can see how much juice my heater wastes and a record of when it turns off and on.

    Also, with th10 or th16 you can set temp or humidity. So humidifier turns on below 50% or off above 60% humidity. Or fan turns on or off, just set whatever parameters you want and good to go. Such a great tool.

    justsmokedope Well-Known Member

    so is this Home Assistant on a pi 3 is it ? with some ip cameras and the rest temp, humidity and lights using sonoff's ? looks good i was looking into trying to something like this with node red but this looks like a great starting point
    Canadain Closet Gardener

    Canadain Closet Gardener Well-Known Member

    Make sure to get the AM2301 so you can read above 80% humidity.

    bizfactory Well-Known Member

    Yeah Pi 3, two TH modules with Si7021 sensors and sonoff basics for the lights. The cameras are just USB webcams streaming with Motion (on github).
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    I see they have a sonoff SC. Monitors environment conditions. And light intensity. But doesn' give it to you in a percentage or if they made it record in lumens or par. Would be cool. Bc it does temp, hum, light, sound I think. Would be awesome to incorporate par readings or lumen readings somehow.

    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    The description says that the device is not yet final and is currently only intended for hobbies. Maybe it will be updated later with a firmware update so that it can read more accurate values. I like the fact that it can switch appropriate devices and is not only for monitoring purposes.
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    justsmokedope Well-Known Member

    i ;looked into this last night you can update the firmware like a esp microcontroller with arduino and use the pins to control stuff directly to, the basic sonoff has an extra pin as well
    it looks like people use esp easy to do this

    how to cammect ip camera feed to node red dash


    how to connet sonoffs to node red
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